Sales Engagement: Post-Meeting Outreach


A lot of people think of sales as just getting you to pick up the phone and listen to the pitch or watch the demo, but that’s usually just the first big touch of the sales process. There’s so much more! Make sure you’re thinking of your sales follow-up correctly and answering any outstanding questions with this automation recipe.

In this automation, your contact will receive a 1:1 sales engagement email a few hours after their Calendy meeting’s status is “Completed”. Before importing, make sure your Calendly integration is set up in your account.

Here’s how Sales Engagement: Post-Meeting Outreach works:

1. The contact enters the automation via our Calendly trigger of “Calendly Event is Updated” with the update being the field status becomes “completed” or use whatever status you use to know a meeting has occurred.
2. The contact arrives at a wait step and waits for a few hours.
3. The contact comes to a 1:1 email step and has a message sent checking in and making sure there weren’t any outstanding questions.
4. The contact exits the automation.

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