Using Pre-built Automations and the Automation Marketplace in ActiveCampaign

Using Pre-built Automations and the Automation Marketplace in ActiveCampaign

how to build automations
If you want to automatically deliver a welcome email when people subscribe to a list, use a lead magnet to nurture prospects and increase sales, send abandoned cart reminders, or automate any other part of your business—read on.
You have four options when it comes to building automations.

  • Build automations yourself
  • Use our pre-built automations
  • Import automations from other users
  • Work with our success team and community

In this post, we’ll cover some of the ways you could use marketing automation—and then discuss what you can do if you don’t want to build automations from scratch.
Not an ActiveCampaign user yet? You can try it free for 14 days (no credit card required) and build or import your first automation in minutes.
That’s not an exaggeration—when I tested our automation that tracks contact engagement with emails and other messages, it took me 66 seconds to import.

Option one: Build automations yourself

ActiveCampaign’s automation builder makes automations incredibly accessible—because of how easy it is to use. In a lot of cases, people that don’t have much technical knowledge can figure out how to build simple automations just by clicking around the platform.
The builder itself is drag-and-drop, so adding individual steps to an automation is really simple—and only takes a few seconds.
If you’re looking for more fundamental automations, like delivering a lead magnet after someone fills out a form, it’s often possible to figure them out yourself—the builder can even catch mistakes and prompt you to correct them.
There are also pre-built automations for those purposes, which we’ll cover in a moment.
What if you want to do something more complicated?
ActiveCampaign lets you automate almost any part of your marketing. Just look at the tools you have in the automation builder alone:

  • 23 start triggers (or start with no trigger)
  • 4 message sending options
  • 9 conditions and workflow steps
  • 10 contact steps
  • 10 CRM steps

Combine these options with information you collect in forms—and the dozens of conditions you can add to each message—and the total number of possible automations is too high to count.
Then throw integrations into the mix and the possibilities expand even further. What if you want to:

  • Message people who make payments in Stripe?
  • Schedule meetings automatically with Calendly?
  • Automatically target people with Facebook ads through Custom Audiences?

You can do all of that, and much more, with our 100+ integrations.
Automations are powerful, and you can do a lot with them as you get more familiar with ActiveCampaign.
But what if you’re new to marketing automation, are just learning the platform, or just don’t want to build automations from scratch?
We have a stockpile of educational resources—from guides to podcasts to recorded videos—that can help you get up to speed in the platform. You can check those out here.
But there are also other ways to get help.

Option two: Use our pre-built automations

When you click “+ New Automation” in the Automations section of your ActiveCampaign account, the pop-up that appears gives you a few options.
marketing automation builder
One of them is to start from scratch, which we’ve already covered. Another is to import an automation from another user or the Marketplace, which we’ll cover in a moment.
But the last option is to use one of 30 pre-built automations. These are automations that we’ve created for you and grouped into categories based on what they accomplish. The categories are:

  • Increase revenue
  • Increase traffic
  • Automate sales team
  • Boost contact satisfaction
  • Manage & track contacts

Browsing those pre-built options can give you some ideas about how automations can help your business. Our education guides on automations walk through each of our pre-built automations.

Ok. So what do the specific automations actually do?
I won’t list out all 30 of the pre-built automations here, but here are a few popular ones that we’ve made for you:

  • Product interest tagging and targeted follow-up: This pair of automations adds a tag when a contact shows interest in a specific product—then automatically sends emails related to that product
  • Abandoned cart reminder: Automatically send emails to people who visit your cart page but don’t complete their orders
  • Engagement tagging: Tag people with the “engaged” tag when they interact with your website, emails, or other marketing messages—and use the “disengaged” tag for people who don’t. Easily figure out your most interested contacts.
  • Opt-in incentive delivery: Do you use lead magnets to get more subscribers? This automation will automatically delivery your incentive.
  • Ecourse delivery/welcome series: This automation delivers daily messages as part of an email course—but you can also use it as a simple welcome series for new contacts

By the way? Adding these to your account is incredibly easy. I timed myself activating the engagement tagging automation—it took 66 seconds.
Note: I already had site tracking enabled, which is necessary for some automations. Site tracking is one of the first things we recommended setting up—you can learn more about it here. If you use WordPress, it’s even easier. Our free WordPress plugin helps you set up site tracking and embed forms in just a few minutes. You can learn about that set-up here.
What if you want to do something that none of the pre-built automations take care of?
Check out the Marketplace.

Option three: Use the automation Marketplace

In the automation Marketplace, other ActiveCampaign users and Certified Consultants can share their favorite automations.
And they do: the Marketplace has over 50 additional automations that serve a range of purposes. There are automations that:

  • Start a customer onboarding sequence (including draft emails you can customize)
  • Follow up with networking connections you met face-to-face
  • Send emails based on changes in lead scores
  • Collect feedback with cancellation emails that include surveys

These additional automations make the Marketplace a great resource for you to use when you need an automation that goes beyond our prebuilt options.
Adding automations from the Marketplace to your account is easy too—once you find an automation you like, it literally only takes the click of a button.

The 80+ automations that are pre-built in the platform and the Marketplace give you a ton of options to get started. What if there’s still something else you need to do?
Note: There’s another way to get pre-built automations—from successful ActiveCampaign users. Check out our Spotlights to get:

There’s one more option available.

Option four: Work with the Success team and community

The ActiveCampaign team and community combines to give you more ways to get help with your automations.
Your options include:

  • Weekly Office Hours and training webinars
  • One-on-Ones with an ActiveCampaign expert
  • Asking questions in the ActiveCampaign community
  • Hiring a Certified Consultant

If you head over to our Training page, you’ll see there are four ways to interact with our team. One-on-one training with a member of our team is available to everyone on Plus plans and above. Get help with your marketing strategy, or walk through any part of the platform you like.
Webinars and videos—both previously recorded and ongoing—can teach you how to get the most out of different parts of the platform.
And twice a week, we’re online for Office Hours to answer any of your questions or talk about the platform.
Still have a question? Why not join the ActiveCampaign community?
With discussion forums, Slack channels, and an upcoming event calendar, you can interact with other ActiveCampaign users and see how they get the most out of the platform in their businesses.
Our community also includes our Certified Consultants.
As email marketing and marketing automation specialists that we’ve given our stamp of approval, Certified Consultants are a great option if you want to hire someone to take care of specific tasks—or handle your marketing for you. You can browse our consultants here.
As you can see, you have a lot of resources to help you apply ActiveCampaign to your business.
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