Improved automation work flow designer & new actions/conditions

A new “Go To” action

You can now add a “go to” action that will bring them to any other action in the automation. Move to another side of an if/else, move above the current node without if/else’s being used, etc..


Set a time limit for “wait until” conditionals

This is a nice one… When you specify a conditional wait you can set a max period of time for it to “wait” for. If the max time is used up and the person still isn’t matching it would continue.


A new way to explore and drag/drop actions

You can now click the (+) or drag an action from the side bar. The sidebar allows you to search all possible actions as well.


The ability to not have any “start” triggers

We now have an option for creating automations that only start manually or from other automations.


Zoom in and out of your work flow

As people create larger and more complex work flows we have found the ability to zoom in and out to be quite helpful.


How to get these updates

We will start slowly rolling this out early next week.  We have much more planned (and already in the works) so be sure to keep letting us know what you think!

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  • Some good improvements here…

  • Santiago

    That “Wait Until” addition is going to be awesome!

  • Awesome updates , just getting going with AC, but excited to dig in!

  • Now this is what I’m talking about!

    Couldn’t be happier to see this guys

  • Can we rearrange the parts on the page also with the drag and drop feature?

    For example move an email from #1 to #3 with the drag and drop?

    • jvandeboom

      Not yet. There are some concerns we need to resolve with that concept — but it likely will happen at some point.

  • “Go to” action is something I’ve been waiting for a long time! Thanks for implementing this! :) Can I rush the rollout of these features for my account somehow? I’m at the moment creating some new automations and wouldn’t like to do them the old (and clumsy) way.

  • Would love to have the ability to produce a survey and direct which automation for the person to go through based on answers.

  • Thanks for the updates. We just started with AC and the Go To action was one thing I thought was missing. Glad to have it so quickly.

  • Andre Gibran

    Fantastic updates! Looking forward to start implementing them! Tks AC folks!

  • This is a game changer… thanks Jason for doing this and I’m delighted that not only have you addressed every issue that I emailed you about, you have gone the extra mile and added extra stuff in there as well. ActiveCampaign rocks!

  • Looks awesome, thanks for the go to action. Will enjoy getting in there and executing!

  • Vicky Radcliffe

    These look like great additions to the automation, looking forward to using them. How will I know I’ve been upgraded? Do I have to keep checking in the automation builder to see if the new features are there or is there some other way?

  • Rob

    WOW.. that’s all I can say… I need to go close my MailChimp account now and import my subs into ActiveCampaign immediately! :)

  • Julian Kingman

    Amazing, you guys are doing great work!

  • The coming updates look like they will be a big improvement to ease of use, looking forward to it, thank you.

  • Jared Osborne

    Wow, brilliant! Can’t wait to get it.

  • Perfect!

  • Eugeni

    Great job. As I see we can now do something with the subscribers who didn’t click/open the several campaigns.

  • Why are more people not switching from Infusionsoft to ActiveCampaign– it’s amazing how limited InfusionSoft is compared to the functionality and the TRUE marketing automation provided by ActiveCampaign. Silly people who like to spend too much money! I’m glad to be among the SMART ones!

  • jvandeboom

    Huh? How so….

    That couldn’t be more inaccurate.

    Let’s compare..

    Email + Automation (2,500 Contacts):
    – ActiveCampaign = $29 with unlimited sending
    – Infusionsoft = $199 with 12,500 email sending limit

    Email + Automation + Sales (5,000 Contacts):
    – ActiveCampaign = $113 with unlimited sending
    – Infusionsoft = $299 with 25,000 email sending limit

  • jvandeboom

    Ya, simply have another automation that looks for tags to be removed and ends a specific different automation.