Marketers: Support your Sales Team’s Growth With This List of Integrations

Marketing plays a critical role in driving quality leads into your sales pipeline. If you are tasked with increasing the number of sales-qualified leads or SQLs for your sales team, then you might be feeling a bit queasy about the scattered amount of available data in your CRM and how to connect the dots from your demand generation efforts to reduce cost-per-acquisition.

And, if you are that same marketer already managing your efforts in ActiveCampaign, then you can solve one of the toughest business challenges of finding a CRM that syncs with your marketing activities as well as over 920+ apps & integrations to help create the flywheel of quality lead generation for your sales teams.

ActiveCampaign’s recommended integrations to support a growing sales team

Before we dive into the integration stack, we would like to highlight the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform. Using a CRM is foundational to delivering the marketing insights needed to help grow your sales team. Unlike many CRMs built to keep sales & marketing teams siloed, ActiveCampaign’s Sales CRM with automation shines by bringing in various sets of first-party data (e.g., form submissions) and third-party data (e.g., CX Apps, API integrations, Zapier, etc.) together with a specific purpose of giving you the flexibility of viewing and using the data to personalize each prospect’s interaction with your brand, pre and post-sale. 

Use case example: With ActiveCampaign’s Sales CRM, your sales team can see and take action on a variety of email engagement signals (aka an email event), like an email click-through in the activity record of a contact profile in ActiveCampaign. This allows the sales reps to personalize their conversation with the prospect by referencing the email they’d engaged with to build rapport.

Let’s dive in. The following short list of integrations are used by ActiveCampaign customers to run their business in support of the growth of their sales team. Each recommended integration can be connected to your account without using 3rd party data-transfer platforms. Together with ActiveCampaign’s unlimited email sending, automations, and Sales CRM, the following apps & integrations are critical: 

Appointment Scheduler

Every sales team seeks a competitive edge to fill their pipelines and book more demos. ActiveCampaign customers love using Calendly to automate their appointment scheduling because every scheduled meeting is logged in the contact profile in an easy-to-view Calendly custom object record. Sales reps can take action with the meeting data to personalize any email campaign sent from an automation. There are countless ways you can use Calendly to connect with both inbound and outbound prospects quickly. For example, share a direct link to your Calendly booking page, add Calendly to your website, include specific availability times to your email, and more. This way, you can meet your future customers where they are.

Use case example: Use Calendly’s meeting status data to automate your post-meeting check-in. When Meeting Status = “Complete,” send an automated email to ensure there aren’t any outstanding questions. Better yet, close the deal with an automated sales proposal to review and eSign.
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VoIP system

Not surprisingly, according to a study by PwC, 80% of consumers prefer speaking to a human sales or customer service agent over a chatbot. Growing sales teams choose Aircall, the modern integrated business phone system for sales teams, for their telephony needs because of the depth of the Aircall for ActiveCampaign integration. The integration stands out from the competition by giving sales reps the ability to log every call, inbound or outbound, into ActiveCampaign’s CRM. With every call recorded, every piece of data can be used as an automation trigger to personalize the prospects’ or customers’ experience throughout their lifecycle. Imagine the level of personalization for millions of prospects or customer conversations—at scale—and automated with ActiveCampaign. You can try Aircall for 1-month free today!

Use case example: Using the call disposition and duration data in ActiveCampaign, sales managers can trigger targeted SMS campaigns, track how time spent on the phone translates into sales, and compile monthly performance reports on the volume of inbound, outbound, answered, and unanswered calls.
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SMS system

The 2023 State of SMS Marketing Report from Validity found that 49% of consumers are constantly annoyed by SMS marketing. With Salesmsg for ActiveCampaign, you can enhance customer communication without causing any annoyance. Gain explicit permission from your contact list to send and receive SMS messages, both for marketing and non-marketing purposes, while efficiently scaling with automated processes. Salesmsg seamlessly integrates with ActiveCampaign, ensuring every SMS is logged, enabling you to personalize and automate your SMS strategy for various purposes like post-meeting follow-ups, post-purchase reviews, loyalty programs, and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Best of all, if you have an Aircall phone number, you can conveniently convert it into an SMS-enabled number, allowing you to manage voice and text communications from a single number.

Use case example: Sales reps can start an SMS conversation with their prospects directly within an ActiveCampaign contact record using Salesmsg’s Chrome extension. This integration delivers quick responses, increases customer engagement, and saves the sales rep time. A record of your SMS conversation is saved in the activity record of your contact.
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For any modern sales and customer success organization, having an eSignature solution is key. Sales teams need to track agreements and contracts to bring on new customers. With the DocuSign for ActiveCampaign or Dropbox Sign for ActiveCampaign integration, sales reps can automatically pre-fill documents and contracts with the prospect’s information and track the e-signature status without leaving ActiveCampaign.

Use case example: Automatically create DocuSign or Dropbox Sign documents and contracts when prospects reach relevant ActiveCampaign Deal stages in the CRM. This allows your sales team to increase efficiency and provides a more seamless customer experience. 
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Reporting software

The data you’ll need to report marketing and sales performance is available at your fingertips. If you are looking to do a deep dive into the data or enjoy Excel reporting, the Supermetrics for ActiveCampaign integration is a favorite amongst our agency and consulting partners. If you are more into dashboards, the Google Studio Data Connector by Find Your Insight allows you to track the performance of contacts across lists, campaigns, tags, deals, or automations.

Integrations are vehicles to move “gold”

Customers expect a personalized experience with each brand they engage with. Through consent, customers allow us to collect and use data from their engagement. This pile of “gold,” aka data, may be spread out in various platforms, but it is available to transfer in and out of ActiveCampaign via integration. Marketers who segment and take action from their aggregated pile of “gold” will give their sales team the advantage and meet the expectations of the customers, convert more business, and grow as a sales team.

Each business’ integration tech stack is unique and may not align with the solutions listed above – and that’s okay! We believe integrations extend the functionality of ActiveCampaign by unlocking use cases that drive business growth, innovation, and sales performance. By integrating ActiveCampaign with other software, marketers can leverage powerful segmentation and use automations to improve the productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of the sales team.

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