Apps and Integrations

Integrate Aircall with ActiveCampaign

Use Aircall's autodialer to capture call data in ActiveCampaign to automate and personalize customer experiences at scale

Leverage call data to automate the customer journey

Eliminate manual data entry, and use call data to automate and personalize sales outreach, follow-up emails, and marketing campaigns. Use call date, direction, tags, comments, and more to trigger and segment your automations

Review call activity on contact records

View a contact’s full timeline of conversations with call notes, tags, and recordings logged in ActiveCampaign to personalize customer relationships. Calls log on a Contact profile within a dedicated Aircall custom object.

Use autodialer to personalize phone conversations with context

Take calls with context. Contact details pop up in the Aircall phone while ringing, so sales reps know how to personalize their conversation and elevate the customer experience before picking up the phone.


  • Log calls on contact records in a dedicated custom object, with details such as call date, direction, tags, and notes.
  • Create new ActiveCampaign contacts automatically from inbound calls by unknown contacts.
  • View ActiveCampaign contact details whenever the Aircall phone rings, and access the contact record in one click.
  • Click-to-dial on any phone number in ActiveCampaign to automatically place an outbound call.
  • Build custom automations with call data to automate sales outreach, follow-up, and marketing campaigns.
  • Segment automations and campaigns with call data to engage the most relevant customers.

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