You might be losing people on your website

Can you tell what contacts want from your website? Site tracking tracks visitors so that you can offer contacts exactly what they’re looking for.

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Without site tracking, website visitors vanish

Site tracking lets you see what products, services, and information your contacts are most interested in. Once you know that, you can follow up to convert more customers.
Without site tracking:
tracking off 1
With site tracking:
tracking on 1


By using automations based on behavioral actions consumers took on their website, Soundsnap was able to send curated content that helped increase their month-to-month email revenue by 300%

Soundsnap uses website tracking to understand customers interest and automates communication to serve them sound effects they are looking for.


Increase month-to-month email revenue


Higher email open rate

Try site tracking for free.

Try it for free. No credit card required. Instant setup.

Once you have your data, use it anywhere

Site tracking pulls data in, so you can track every step of your customer’s journey and make sure no one falls through the cracks.