A CRM that will save you time

Sales & automation designed for small businesses. Get more leads, create an automated sales force,
and focus on the highest quality leads. Close more deals in less time with ActiveCampaign.

Drag & Drop Deals

Naturally move deals from one stage to another as you work to close the deal and increase your companies sales.

Track Your Sales Process

Watch your sales funnel in real time and always know how much money is pending in each stage. All it takes is a quick glance.

Customized Sales Flow

Design your sales process to be as unique as your business. With custom pipelines, sales stages, tasks, & more.

Gmail, Outlook, & Email

Within seconds, connect with Gmail, Outlook, or any other email provider.
View all sent & received emails related to a deal from a single central view.

Sales & User Reporting

Keep an eye on your sales funnel, performance of your stages, your automations, and individual agents.

Unlimited Users/Agents

We don't limit you based on users or sales agents. You can add your whole team to assist with the sales process.

send email wait for reply if they visit /pricing/ YES assign deal and increase value NO follow up

Sales automation

Fully integrated marketing and sales automations allow you to automate your sales process like never before. Assist your sales reps with automated actions (and deal adjustments) based on your contact's emails, actions, time within deals/stages, site browsing history, and more.

Examples of how people automate their sales:

  • Automatically qualify new leads before manually reviewing
  • Move the deal to another stage based on site/page visits
  • Send a follow up email after being idle for 15 days
  • Alert sales reps of urgent deals based on contact behavior
  • Auto-close deals based on lack of replies
  • Create tasks based on site (or custom app) analytics
  • Adjust the deal value based on dynamic conditions
  • Automated deal ownership based on the contacts behaviors

Contact & lead scoring

Not every contact & sales opportunity is equal. Use contact data (such as their details, interactions, behaviors, interests, etc..) to ensure you are pursuing the top opportunities first.

Things you can do with scoring:

  • Increase a score if the contact visits certain pages
  • Have custom app driven events adjust a score
  • Decrease a score if the contact doesn't reply to initial emails
  • Have specific score adjustments expire over time

Social & behavioral data

So much more than basic deal data. Find out about their interests, social profiles, interactions with marketing campaigns, behavioral actions on your web site & within your custom apps, and likelihood of closing a deal.

Campaign Interactions Site Activity SMS GEO Age & Interests Sent/Received Emails

Capture More Leads

Build your list of contacts and increase the number of potential leads using our custom forms,
email importing, fully supported API, or any of our hundreds of integrations.

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