Have you ever changed an automation only to regret it? Do you ever hesitate to modify an automation because you are worried about messing it up?
Worry no more. From this point forward, your changes will automatically be tracked and saved as you work. Now you can build and edit automations with confidence knowing that rolling back to a previous version is simple and easy.


How it works…

Next to “View Contacts” in the upper right hand side of the automation builder, you’ll see “Saved at XX:XX,” to indicate the time of the last save, and a “turn back time” icon.

Clicking the time or the icon will display a list of recent changes. Every change is automatically saved for you — each time you add, edit, or remove an action, a new snapshot is created.
You can scroll through the timestamped list of revisions. On each change record, you’ll see the Gravatar of the user who made the change, so this feature makes teamwork and collaboration even easier.
Hovering over a change record will display a “Preview” button. Clicking the button displays the automation as it existed at the moment of the timestamp.
Clicking “Use This” will reload the page and the selected version of the automation is displayed and saved as the most recent change.
Drag-and-drop automations made it quick and easy to move actions around your workflow. That change and this one have made using the automation builder a much more fluid and natural process. The automation builder practically disappears as you add and drag actions around your workflow. You can experiment with the placement of actions and test ideas. If you find yourself going down the wrong path, you can rollback whenever you like.
It’s a fantastic addition to the host of improvements we’ve made to the automation builder recently.
I have to agree with Chris Davis:

If there is a feature you would like to see, or you’d like something changed, please let us know by participating in our user feedback forum.