Marketing automation done right

Automate your marketing, sales, and your business.

Automatically engage with your contacts

Welcome emails, birthday emails, trigger campaigns from actions, sales follow-ups and more.

Intelligence driven automations

We provide countless options for what you can automate within each of your automations.

Update data, initiate campaigns, add branches, add conditions, wait for certain things to happen, start or nurture sales processes, etc.

Detail of ActiveCampaign automations dashboard showing event triggers and logic blocks Detail of ActiveCampaign automations dashboard demonstrating path flows and branches Detail of ActiveCampaign automations dashboard demonstrating conditional logic

Utilize interactions and behaviors from your web sites and apps

We can track page visits and custom events you define, providing real-time behavioral analysis.

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Complete segmentation

Easily create segments of your contacts using basic or advanced logic.

Check against your contacts' data -- behaviors, interactions, location, history, and much more.

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Screenshot of the ActiveCampaign segmentation tool

Your marketing at a glance

Get a visual overview of all your automations, how they connect to each other, and how effectively they drive your marketing.

Detail of the ActiveCampaign automations connectivity

Automate the life cycle

Adjust contact data, move contacts, send specific follow up campaigns. Trigger actions via site visits, emails (sent or received), SMS interactions, and more.


Campaigns on autopilot

Have campaigns initiate with dynamic content whenever you update your website or post new content. Perfect for blog updates, product announcements, and ecommerce.

Auto import contacts

We can automatically fetch and add new contacts from your favorite CRMs, eCommerce platforms, customer service solutions, and more.


Smart email content

Dynamically show different content in your messages depending on your contact's data, interactions, social data, and interests.

Social analysis

View all social reactions to your campaigns in real time. Set up actions to take place when a contact shares your campaign.


Up-to-date notifications

As contacts move through work flows and perform actions you can notify specific people so they can follow up or take action.


Which is better for your company:
all-in-one solutions or a marketing stack?

Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of all-in-one marketing clouds versus creating a custom stack of specialized business apps.

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My Green Fills Story

"ActiveCampaign enables marketers to engage with their audience in creative and exciting ways. When we first launched, I had no idea of how to market online. Kelly, our account rep, walked side by side with us."


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