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Integrate Xverify Email Verification with ActiveCampaign

Integrate Xverify Email Verification with ActiveCampaign.

Improve your email deliverability

  • Ensure your next email marketing campaign reaches real individuals at verified email inboxes.

  • Remove spam traps and toxic emails

  • Identify and remove role-based accounts, spam traps, and toxic or fake emails to improve deliverability.

  • Review results with easy-to-read reports

  • Take advantage of a high-level view of your data quality: review valid/invalid data, learn why certain email addresses were blocked, and more.

  • Support

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Phone: 1-866-903-9164

  • Online Form:

  • Features

    • Verify existing and new email addresses
    • Identify and remove toxic emails and spam traps
    • Reduce fraud risk by blocking temporary accounts
    • Eliminate hard bounces before they start
    • Maintain your sender reputation
    • Receive results with 98% accuracy

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    Improve Email Deliverability in Real Time with Email Verification

    Email Verification allows you to convert customer data into real leads. Connect your ActiveCampaign account in Xverify for real-time email verification with 98% accuracy. After verifying your list, review the results right in your ActiveCampaign account with custom fields.

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