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Integrate Spiffy with ActiveCampaign

Your powerful checkout page integration: Spiffy is the go-to eCommerce tool for ActiveCampaign customers who are selling services or digital products.

What is Spiffy?

Spiffy is an easy-to-use & powerful checkout page solution for ActiveCampaign customers who are selling services or digital products that need a simple and powerful way to take payments through their website. Here are 4 of the top types of businesses that will get the most value out of the Spiffy & ActiveCampaign integration: Experts & thought leaders, Service providers, Agencies, and Ecommerce stores

There are two Spiffy direct integrations with ActiveCampaign:

The new Native App integration is not intended to replace the Deep Data integration, but rather meant to be used in conjunction with the Deep Data integration. The new Native App integration does not send over sales data like the Deep Data integration does.

How it works: Spiffy CX App:

  • Pass billing and shipping address to your ActiveCampaign contact record.
  • Connect a specific Spiffy Checkout and map the checkout fields to custom fields in ActiveCampaign, all without ever having to leave ActiveCampaign.
  • Create a new contact or update a contact in ActiveCampaign when someone completes their order on a Spiffy checkout page.
  • Set Spiffy Checkouts pages as tag purchase goals in Automations
  • Automatically add a Spiffy-branded tag for a specific Checkout in the contact record of your customers.

How it works: Spiffy Deep Data Integration

  • Integrates with Stripe and PayPal for payment processing
  • Host and pass all your sales data back into ActiveCampaign's contact records
  • Unlocks a whole new level of features and power in ActiveCampaign itself: Search, filter, segment, and trigger automations based on eCommerce data - KPI's like Lifetime Value, and last order date.
  • Trigger post-purchase actions like: add/remove tags, start/stop automations, and add/remove from list.
  • Add revenue-boosting tactics like one-click upsells, offer bumps, and trigger different automations around those types of purchases.
  • Features a mobile-first design and architecture, for high conversions across all devices


  • Take payments with Stripe & PayPal
  • Payment Plans
  • Subscriptions
  • Free & Paid Trials
  • One-click upsells & checkbox offer bumps
  • Add/remove Tags & Lists
  • Start/stop Automations


  • Send Sales Data back to ActiveCampaign
  • Sales Stats & Analytics
  • Billing automation to recover failed payments

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