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Integrate Segment with ActiveCampaign

Segment consolidates your contact data, translates it, and funnels it into other apps you may be using. When your contact data is shared between apps, you'll have a more complete picture of your data and your apps will have more data accessible to leverage. You start sending data to Segment by installing a few lines of tracking code into your website (or app). This data can then be easily routed to other apps with Segment integrations (without having to modify any code). Rather than having to set up and maintain individual integrations, you can manage all your integrations through one. Segment integrates with some of the most popular analytics, marketing, sales, support, developer, and user testing apps. They have integrations with over 150 partners and are constantly adding more. Our integration with Segment allows you to pass data to Segment's dashboard — where you can send information from ActiveCampaign to other apps.

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Platinum Skin Care

"I can pull up a customer here and I can see how much money they’ve spent, what they’ve ordered previously. That is way more information than I ever thought possible, to be connected like that, and it is nothing but helpful."

— Jennifer Tilney, Platinum Skin Care

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