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Integrate Parsey with ActiveCampaign

Parsey creates automated workflows between hundreds of your favorite apps.

Parsey helps you connect thousands of services to ActiveCampaign without writing a single line of code.

In addition to its powerful email, attachment, and webhook parser, Parsey can move data from shopping carts, eSignature platforms, appointment schedulers, landing page builders, live chat tools, and more to your ActiveCampaign account, and trigger the right automation.

Parsey makes your business more efficient by increasing your speed-to-lead (wicked fast data entry), reducing manual work, eliminating data errors, and creating processes that scale

Lite Plan and Above

  • Robust Email Parser
  • Flexible Attachment Parser
  • Fast Webhook Parser
  • Connect to Your Shopping Cart Process orders
  • Integrate DocuSign with ActiveCampaign
  • Emails to Webhooks
  • Record live chat activity
  • Leads & Data Entry

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Platinum Skin Care

"I can pull up a customer here and I can see how much money they’ve spent, what they’ve ordered previously. That is way more information than I ever thought possible, to be connected like that, and it is nothing but helpful."

— Jennifer Tilney, Platinum Skin Care

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