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As you take a look at everyone visiting your website in a given day, week, or month, do you ever find yourself wondering how to narrow down those visitors? Ever ask “are they all interested in my products or are some just browsing? How do I make sure no one falls through the cracks?” 

All of these are great questions to be considering, whether your business is fresh and new, or established and proven. ActiveCampaign is here to not only help manage web visitors, but to take things further and identify which of those visitors are most likely to convert or take some sort of action. It’s easier than ever to take a website visitor, collect some data, add them as a contact, and keep them engaged based on their activity and preferences long after they have left your website.

Build a stack with native features designed to grow with you

One of the benefits of leveraging a customer experience automation platform is that it’s entirely designed with flexibility in mind. Your business is its own, and you need an adaptive platform that can cater to your needs, not the other way around. Whether you leverage just our native features, or pair them with powerful integrations (take your pick from over 870 of them), you can count on 1:1, hyper personalized interactions with each customer. 

AC Lifecycle

Let’s take a look at some of the features that aid in engaging web visitors…

  • Forms are key for collecting customer data and can be used across your website and landing pages. Once a form is submitted, the info can be added to a contact record, or an automation can be started without any intervention from the user. 
  • Pages can showcase key brand info and inspire a specific action for visitors. By serving relevant content visitors want to see, they’ll be more likely to become loyal, repeat customers.
  • Segmentation can also be as advanced as needed. Break up a large audience into smaller groups based on their actions, behaviors, or preferences, then send the best content to those groups that will keep them engaged and happy.
  • Contact & lead scoring. As the contact is engaging, or not engaging, the user can track all of that to inform who is most engaged and thus needs more attention and resources applied to drive action. 
contact scoring

Want to catch someones attention as soon as they land on a page? Set up a Conversations welcome message and they’ll be greeted with a chatbot that can help answer questions, guide them to the right info, or even help fix a problem. Like other interactions, you can then automate further tasks that will recap the conversation, update contact information, and more. 

Free tools help get you started and maintain best practices

Sometimes – actually, many times – we wish there were more hours in a day, if only to get organized. Luckily, ActiveCampaign is here to help you organize your thoughts, and put them into practice through a number of free tools. These tools range in complexity and use case, but rest assured there is something for everyone.

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Specifically to engage website visitors and make sure they turn into strong, viable leads, we recommend the CRM template. This template works great with excel or google sheets, and helps you organize leads on paper, instead of in your head or across different systems. 

Need some help generating content that engages visitors and inspires them to act? Check out the email copywriting templates. You need to go beyond content that’s catchy and fun, you need to connect with your visitors and demonstrate that you understand their needs and desires.  

Looking for ways to engage web visitors after they’ve left your site and inspire them to come back?  Through Facebook Ads you can promote your business and products on the social media platform used nearly every day. How do you ensure your copy will convert? Will it resonate with your target audience? Does that copy work with the images and videos attached? See for yourself

Automation makes it all possible

Automation is at the center of everything we do, as well as connectivity across the platform and any third parties B2C users leverage. ActiveCampaign helps B2C businesses track, collect, and manage data about contacts that will lead to incredible growth across all channels. Data is no longer siloed, and updates can be automatic across channels and tools, as opposed to the manual process legacy platforms offer.

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The automation builder makes it possible to set and forget the most crucial steps in each customer’s experience, saving you time and resources while still maintaining communications and interactions with each visitor. Need some help to get started? Our Recipe Marketplace filled with pre-built automations offers a solution for every possible use case, with proven automation workflows that can be set up and customized in a matter of minutes. 

Through these recipes, you can engage customers, keep track of their behavior, and offer upsell opportunities all without you lifting a finger. All of these will then lead to incredible growth for your business by offering a bespoke experience for each visitor.

Ready to reap the benefits of customer experience automation and see the impact your site visitors have on your bottom line? Sign up for a free trial of ActiveCampaign. Already a customer? Log into your account to create automation workflows or enable contact scoring for your audience!

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