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Conversational Messaging

Engage with customers in real-time

Live chat, automated chatbot workflows, and a unified inbox help you connect with your customers across channels and offer timely, impactful support.


Automate multi-step message flows using chatbots

Chatbot Automations allow you to manage a set of automated messages and content blocks that gather information about customers before a live rep begins chatting.


  • Customize each chat experience
  • Update custom field data
  • Assist customers while reps are offline
  • Improve team productivity


Chat with customers where they are

Conversations links directly to your company’s Facebook page and allows you to field incoming messages using the unified inbox. Support all customers from one place, whether their question came from email, web chat, or Facebook Messenger.

Make your support team more effective

Give customers the support they want — when and where they need it. When your team can update fields and tags so that every contact’s full history is at their fingertips, it’s easy to provide an amazing support experience to every customer.

With features like:

  • Unified inbox
  • Automated chatbots
  • Agent assignments
  • Facebook Messenger built in
  • Works with all of our other automations

    “The way that it integrates, it creates a contact which works with all of our other automations and it assigns a prospect score. So it’s worked seamlessly with what we have in place already.”

    Nick McGuire, Argo Translation

  • Just click on the profile

    “The biggest difference is that our guys have been able to just click on the profile of whoever’s talking to them, and they’ve got all of their information—the sites they’re visiting, the products they’ve bought…”

    Mike Killen, Sell Your Service

Chicago Food Planet

"We use Conversations as the chat feature on our website - we're able to have that personal conversation with an individual to satisfy their needs. Conversations lets customers know they're not sending questions into the void".

How Chicago Food Planet Uses ActiveCampaign in creating meaningful connections.


Increase in revenue for private events


time savings

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Take your conversations mobile

The Conversations mobile app for iOS and Android lets you take customer interactions into the field. Get notifications, respond to chats, and create great experiences from anywhere.

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The tools you need to create great customer service experiences

Conversations comes equipped with an entire suite of features that help you better support your customers and improve team productivity. Everything connects to ActiveCampaign, so you can access the power of marketing automation, sales automation, and the CRM for a complete customer experience.

Multi-channel support

Pick up conversations via web chat, Facebook Messenger, or email.

Chatbot Automations

Customize the auto-reply flow triggered by each new visitor message.

Collect contact info

Turn website/Facebook visitors into ActiveCampaign contacts.

Add chat data to contacts

See all chat history in the contact record.

Conversation management

Mark conversations open or complete for easy tracking.


Get notified of new chats on desktop and through the mobile app.

Filter conversations

Filter conversations based on the status of a chat (Open, Complete, or All).

Agent assignments

Give different agents permission to view and reply to messages.


Track your team’s response times and where a chat originated to identify trends and stay organized.

Start the conversation

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