Grow your business through your website using pre-built automations

Grow your business through your website using pre-built automations

Your website is a crucial channel that can grow your business and engage customers along different points in their purchase journey. But how do you know what your website visitors want to see? And how do you effectively use your time and resources to set yourself up for success? 

By using a combination of channels backed by ActiveCampaign, you can effectively communicate with your customers using customer experience automation (CXA). You’ll know exactly what each person wants to see before you spend time sending messages into the void and make the most of each interaction. 

Cook up powerful automations in minutes using recipes

The most successful ActiveCampaign users win with CXA through the automation builder. You can easily set up tasks that unify multiple channels and areas of your account, as well as any integrations you leverage. From there, you can focus on chatting with customers and growing your business, instead of constantly managing a platform. 

But even setting up branching automation workflows takes time, so in answer to that ActiveCampaign has a wide variety of pre-built automations inside the Recipe Marketplace. These recipes ensure you can spin up a sophisticated, multi-step automations in a matter of moments, and either “set it and forget it” or customize certain steps to better suit your needs. 

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Avoid key customer details from falling through the cracks and capture the right information so you can continually send the best message at the best time, and on the best channel for each individual. Currently, there are over 750 recipes in the marketplace, either published by ActiveCampaign, or real users who found success with their bespoke automation. 

“In just three years, we went from roughly 30 recipes to just over 750, that’s a 2410% increase. We went from offering a handful of simple, every-day recipes to offering industry and use-case specific recipes and recipes for the most-used integrations by our customers. It’s really important to us that every customer knows we have their back.” 

– Cody Lindley, Sr Marketing Manager, Marketplace

Automate it and get back to what really matters: running your business

The best part about the pre-built automations in the recipe Marketplace is that they do so much more than just send emails. The recipes cover virtually any use case, like passing data from an integration into or out of ActiveCampaign, sending an SMS, updating a contact record, and moving a deal along a pipeline in the CRM. The possibilities are endless. 

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A key area that benefits through use of automations is your brand’s website. No matter where your customer is in their journey, whether it’s the first time they visit your site or the 10th, you can make the most of their engagement and inspire them to take action. 

Let’s look at the recipe for Product Interest Tagging. This recipe is all about engaging visitors once they are on your site and have looked at a specific page. This could work for products, services, courses, whatever your business specializes in. 

Once you select the page you want to apply this to (you must set up site tracking ahead of time), if a customer visits the page, a tag is applied to their contact record, which indicates that they are interested in that topic. You can even design the automation to add different tags depending on the amount of times they have gone to that page. Some businesses have longer sales cycles or consideration periods. This more advanced setup could help to identify when a customer is very interested vs. simply perusing the different offerings or products. 

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The best part of this recipe? There is a recommended follow up recipe that’s also pre-built that you can import along with the initial recipe. This follow up automation is great to engage those interested visitors with emails over a period of time and ensure you are sending relevant content, again based on their actual behavior and interest level. 

Do you have your own ideas for automation recipes? Let us know! 

Websites are used by all types and sizes of businesses to grow and engage customers and there are ways to optimize your recipes for your segment and industry. Recipes are great to either import and leave as is, or to customize and build upon based on your specific needs and how you engage customers. If you want to check out the entire library of recipes, check them out here

Has this made you think about some ways you can pre-build automation workflows? Share your ideas with us and your idea could be published in the marketplace! 

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