Sending Personalized Autoresponder Content

Let’s say you use an application to record sales transactions, and you’d like to have ActiveCampaign send an email after each transaction that contains custom content about the transaction. Specifically: information about the customer, and data from the transaction database.
Here is one way you could do this.

Step 1: Custom Field

Create a custom field in ActiveCampaign that will hold the transaction ID (the unique ID from your application).
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Step 2: Create Autoresponder Campaign

Create an autoresponder campaign that is set to send immediately after a subscriber is added, and uses “Fetch From URL” to obtain the message content. The URL will also contain the personalization tag of the transaction ID (created in step 1).
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Step 3: Add Subscriber Through API

When a transaction occurs in your application, add the customer to ActiveCampaign as a new subscriber, and populate the transaction ID custom field with the unique transaction ID.
Example API request URL (with line breaks for easy readability):

Example POST parameters:

  "email": "",
  "first_name": "Test",
  "last_name": "Test",
  "p[3]": "3",
  "status[3]": "1",
  "instantresponders[3]": "1",
  "field[%PERS_1%,0]": "21"

Our example transaction ID above is 21.

All Together

After the subscriber is added, the autoresponder will then automatically go out to the subscriber, and the email body will contain the dynamic content from the webpage.
Remember, our “Fetch From URL” webpage (in the example above) is:

So when the autoresponder campaign actually sends, the URL will be converted to:

Your webpage would then read the “id” parameter in the URL, and adjust the content accordingly.
Note: Your webpage would be responsible for building the email content and using the “id” parameter to present the output.

More Tips For Effective Automation

Using Subscriber Actions, your custom autoresponder content can contain links that perform follow-up actions (when clicked), such as updating custom field values, or sending another campaign.
This gives you the power to truly harness both applications (your transaction system and ActiveCampaign) for the best email experience!
Let us know if we can help with this (or other) scenarios you may have.

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