Introducing Automation Notes

Adding a note (gif)

As you are creating automations, you may wish there was a way to leave yourself reminders and explain the purpose of each step.
Or, you may have an automation you created a long time ago and now you no longer understand it.
For these reasons we’ve created Automation Notes. You can now add annotations to any action or trigger in an automation.
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This feature is great for people working in teams. It’s also useful for thinking things through as you design a complex automation.

Using Automation Notes…

Notes are pretty straightforward and work exactly as you’d expect.
To add a note to an automation, hover over the action and click the icon that appears in the lower right-hand corner:
When you are done writing the note, click “Save.”
Any action with a note attached will display the notes icon (without hovering). To view a note, click the icon. You can add multiple notes onto the same action and edit the notes you’ve created.

A major improvement for the Import Wizard

If you’ve imported an automation from a sharing link, you know that the steps of the Import Wizard can be confusing at times. What tag should it be looking for? What list should these contacts be removed from?
When you create an automation sharing link of an automation that has notes, those notes will be displayed during the Import Wizard.
Now, you can get guidance on what information each step is asking for. You’ll get context and helpful suggestions as you go through the Wizard.
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What’s coming…

I’ve hinted several times that we have a major announcement for you soon. The automation recipe modal and this feature are laying the groundwork for that announcement.
With this new resource we’ll be releasing later this week, you’ll be able to get automations made by email marketing, marketing automation, and sales automation experts. You’ll also be able to get automations made by the companies that integrate with ActiveCampaign.
If you have any interest in battle-tested, proven follow-up sequences and automating aspects of your business, pay attention to us here and on social media.
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UPDATE: We’ve released the ActiveCampaign Marketplace. It’s a storefront where you can browse and buy prebuilt automations from email marketing and marketing automation experts. Check it out now… 

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