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Reach your audience no matter where they are

Your audience isn’t glued to their inbox. When you reach your audience across platforms, you make sure your message gets heard.

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Customer messaging tools that help you connect with your audience

Email marketing. SMS marketing. Facebook Custom Audiences. Site messages. We offer multiple ways to message your customers, so that you can reach them where they are.

Your Therapy Source

Using the goals in automations for time-sensative offers, it's three times as likely to convert versus not using the time-sensitve offer. It's this sort of information that you get from setting up automations, and the data that ActiveCampaign collects, that really helps drive an increase in sales because you know you're maing data-driven decisions

Your Therapy Souce Keeps Subscribers Engaged by Providing Content that Matters


Of all sales come from weekly emails


Return on money invested in ActiveCampaign

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Reach your audience with ease.

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Email marketing

Email marketing lets you have one-to-one conversations with each member of your audience. We’ll help you improve your ROI by making it easy to test subject lines, create beautiful emails, and send email automations that people love to read.

Send better email

SMS marketing

Sometimes you need to reach people while they’re on the go. SMS and text marketing send your messages right into your customers’ pocket. Schedule text reminders, send notifications, and automate your SMS marketing.

Reach people on the go

Facebook custom audiences

Target people with Facebook Ads they want to see. Use data to automatically retarget based on visits to your website, product interest, form submission, custom fields, and any other information you collect.

Serve Facebook Ads

Site messages

Reach people at the moment they’re most interested—when they’re actually looking at what you have to offer. We let you talk to people as they read your website, with messages you can automate (or customize based on segmentation data).

Message on your site

Integrations get your voice across all your platforms

You have data about your audience in all your business’ tools. You should be able to use it to customize your messages. That’s why we integrate with 870+ apps, including WordPress, Zapier, and Shopify.

Message your customers wherever they are

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SMS drip marketing campaigns

“The biggest by far benefit to ActiveCampaign is the ability to send a text message, either a one off reminder other to the group, or as part of the strategic drip marketing campaign.”

— Kris C., 5-star G2 Crowd review