Introducing WooCommerce Product Blocks: Build a Better Shopping Experience for Your Customers

What if you could easily import your WooCommerce product listings into your emails with a few clicks? And what if you could personalize those listings so customers see products they want to see?

ActiveCampaign’s advanced eCommerce capabilities let you go beyond the initial sale with the tools you need to grow one-time purchasers into brand loyalists.

  • Find the right prospects to grow your audience and online store
  • Capture customers attention with messages that match their preferences
  • Retain customers and inspire brand loyalists and advocates

Our latest update gives users with a connected WooCommerce account the ability to pull product information and images directly from their online store into their email campaigns with an easy-to-use product block.

Share your top-selling products (and more) with just a few clicks

How do you use the new WooCommerce product block to show customers what they want to see?

The new product block can be found within the ActiveCampaign email builder.  Simply choose a category that you have pre-configured in your WooCommerce store (New Arrivals, Fall Line, Sale Items) and the block will automatically load four items into the email, formatting them with images and links.

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Product blocks pull in information like product images, product name, and price automatically — saving you manual work.

From there, select the amount of products you want featured and edit their appearance to match your email branding and design. Send the campaign using existing segments, or create a new segment with specific tags or conditions to send the right customers the right recommendations. 

You understand what customers want, now send it to them

With all your best products front and center, you won’t have to worry about manually updating which products appear in your campaigns and automations. The direct link with WooCommerce means the products customers see are always relevant. 

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Combine product blocks with over 250 email templates for messages that stand out in the inbox. 

When you can be proactive with the right content for the right people, you don’t have to wait for customers to engage with your store — you can take action and make product recommendations that will inspire them to click buy. 

Get started today

For users who are already integrated with WooCommerce, simply login and start using the product block in your emails.

  • Need to set up your WooCommerce integration? Learn more here
  • Use Shopify? We’ve got you covered — product blocks are available for Shopify. 
  • Don’t have an ActiveCampaign account? Start a free trial today and start driving more customer engagement and sales in 2022!

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