How VYPER and ActiveCampaign Work Together

How VYPER and ActiveCampaign Work Together

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What makes people excited to work with your business? A good product helps. Great customer service is also a perk. But every person loves a good incentive. Sometimes a contest, a special offer, or a free giveaway are all it takes to get new customers.

VYPER is an excellent lead generation tool that uses the power of online giveaways, contests, and referral marketing to acquire new customers.

VYPER helps with:

  • Collecting new email leads.
  • Directing new leads to your social profiles, website, app download page, and more.
  • Requesting new leads to follow you on social media and like, comment, or share your posts.

The next step for VYPER is to create an even more powerful lead generation presence with the combined power of marketing automation with ActiveCampaign.

This guide contains more information about VYPER’s services and an easy 4-step tutorial on how to integrate VYPER with ActiveCampaign.

What is VYPER?

VYPER is an online giveaway and referral platform. Brands use VYPER to host engaging campaigns online that generate traffic, engagement, leads, and customers.

Features include:

  • Create viral contests and giveaways
  • Create referral, loyalty, and ambassador programs
  • Option to host campaigns on VYPER’s platform or embed the campaign on your website
  • “Bonus Actions” lets users complete additional tasks that will boost social media engagement, referrals, website traffic, and more

If you host a social media giveaway that includes an excellent prize, you can request users submit their email addresses to enter. Once your giveaway has ended, you have the email addresses of all the participants!

What do you do next with all these new email addresses that you got from your giveaway?

You start engaging, educating, and nurturing your new leads. This is where ActiveCampaign comes in.

VYPER and ActiveCampaign Integration

VYPER and ActiveCampaign together can help you grow your email list and create a better experience for your leads.

VYPER users can now easily integrate their campaigns with ActiveCampaign. In fact, it’s so easy!

Here’s how you get started.

STEP 1: In your VYPER dashboard, select “New Campaign” to get started. Then choose a template based on the campaign you wish to host.

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STEP 2: After choosing a template, you will be taken to the landing page editor. This is where you can design your campaign.

Now click on the “Settings” tab at the top to adjust your campaign settings.

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STEP 3: VYPER supports other popular services similar to ActiveCampaign. To begin the integration, select Active Campaign from the Email Integrations & Webhooks list.

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After doing so, an ActiveCampaign pop-up form will appear.

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You will need to insert your ActiveCampaign URL and API Key here to complete the integration. You can retrieve this information from your ActiveCampaign account.

STEP 4: Go to your ActiveCampaign dashboard. Select “Settings,” then select “Developer.” You will find your URL and API Key on this screen.

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Now, simply copy the information and paste it into the ActiveCampaign pop-up form and click on “Add ActiveCampaign.”

Congratulations, your VYPER campaign is now integrated with ActiveCampaign!

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The ActiveCampaign logo will remain highlighted along with a message stating that you’re adding emails to ActiveCampaign.

You can also integrate ActiveCampaign with existing VYPER campaigns. Just go to the “Settings” tab in your current VYPER campaign (STEP 2) and select ActiveCampaign under Email Integrations & Webhooks.

VYPER is a powerful tool that can be used to promote your brand and acquire leads. The ability to send new leads directly to your ActiveCampaign dashboard will allow you to create a fully automated and cohesive marketing experience.

You will also have total control of a customer’s journey, from start to finish!

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