visualEdit Beta… Soon…..

We have visualEdit very close to the initial beta release. We now have some screenshots located on the product info page.

Anyone wishing to subscribe to beta testing can still do so.

Have feedback or any comments? Let us know at

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  • VisualEdit is really neat, something I’ve been looking for for my not so savvy folks to make changes on our main websites.

    We do find it buggy still and no manual available.

    Here is our initial list of bugs:

    1) Inability to make deletions upon opening a page for editing: after clicking on the “edit” icon to open the page editor, the backspace/delete keys have no effect when attempting to remove any content on the page until you add something first.
    2) Page backgrounds: Maybe I just haven’t been able to find it in the program, but I have not been able to find a way to add a background pattern or color to a page using the VisualEdit interface.
    3) Selecting & deleting image-buttons: I have noticed that after adding an image-button (not just a regular image), it can sometimes be somewhat difficult to remove it (depending on where on the page it is located) since you cannot select the item as you can a regular image (by single clicking) or as you can a regular button (by double clicking). You can only click & drag to select it.
    4) Sticking drop-down menus: I’ve noticed that in areas of VisualEdit that have drop-down menus (such as the settings for a link or picture), the drop down menus will sometimes “stick” and not drop down when you click them, rendering the drop down arrow useless and causing a somewhat frustrating problem.
    5) Sticking scroll bars: Like with the drop down arrows, I have noticed that the scroll bars will sometimes stick and not let you click and drag them (you can still move them by using the up and down arrows at the top and bottom). This problem is particularly bad with regards to the “Style” and “Format” drop-downs on the main console.
    6) Highlighting/Selecting: I have found that making multiple selections in the editor page by clicking and dragging can be somewhat problematic depending on what and where you try to select. (sometimes things you don’t want selected end up highlighted and vice-versa)
    7)Editor layout-should have option to display text and/or icons in the editor panel….I am writing an FAQ to inform our editors what each icon/image means. The tooltips are ok, but not intuitive enough.
    8)Templates-need a way to bring images up with a template designed, or at least a group of instructions as to how to get the templates to display images. Right now all of my templates have broken images.

  • Anthony,
    Thanks for bringing these issues up. For the WYSIWYG component we pretty much forked the FCKEditor codebase (LGPL’d javascript-based editor) and added support for quite a few things and cleaned up the code to fit our application better. Many of these issues that you’ve brought up are issues that exist in the original software.

    We will be working, however, on fixing many of these issues. Some of the interface issues are rather tricky to implement as browsers often don’t render things right even when you ask them to.

    I don’t want to sound like I’m just trying to make excuses. I wanted to let you know that these are issues that we’ve identified in the past as well and in an effort to get the product out there for interested people to try out we haven’t had the chance to address them yet.