visualEdit Beta 2

We just released visualEdit Beta 2! We fixed a couple of reported bugs and added a couple of interesting items as we continue to shape this piece of software to look (and act) as a true ActiveCampaign web application.

Here is a list of changes:

  •  Fixed a bug with IE7 missing the file content in editor
  •  Fixed a bug in FileSystem connection type with resetting currentPath variable thus restricting to application folder only
  •  Fixed a bug in updater with double authenticator
  •  Re-indented a CSS file
  •  Minor template improvements and design changes
  •  Cleaned up Manage Connections form template, reorganized it
  •  Removed old javascript functions
  •  Added a text field for File Permissions (to manually enter chmod value)
  •  Added recurring copying for folders (both connection types)
  •  Added /admin/images/ folder for template images
  •  Added checks for write permissions for /admin/images/ folder (FCK will do the actual creation)
  •  New language strings

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  • jayalal


    i have created a new user in 12all and tried to send a mail. While composing the mail, i cannot see the image folder used by admin. Is it possible to all users in 12all to see the admin’s image folder? your early reply to would be highly appreciated.

  • Hi Jayalal,

    No, image folders are not shared. Every admin has his own image folder, both in visualEdit and in 1-2-All application.

  • jayalal

    Hi ..thanks for the reply

    when i tried to add a new user,it gives me this error. what should i do to overcome this pls…appreciate any help. note: i once added this user and deleted coz it didnt work properly.
    Admin not added.
    “This user already exists in global authentication table. You can either add that user, or create another one with a different username”