8 Triggered Email Campaigns You Can Send to Boost Engagement

Using triggered email messages

One of the defining features of a marketing automation platform is the ability to send triggered emails — automated email messages sent in response to a person’s behavior.
Triggered emails work incredibly well:

Over 75% of email revenue is generated by triggered campaigns, rather than one-size-fits-all campaigns. – National Client Email Report

They’re so effective because:

  • You’re treating people uniquely. The message is sent to an individual person because of something they just did.
  • It’s relevant and perfectly-timed. You can make the message contextually relevant to whatever process they’re in the middle of and what they should do next.
  • In most cases, you know, roughly, that they’re focused on you right now. Your message won’t have to drag their attention away from anything else. They’re either on your website, in your app, or interacting with your marketing somehow.

Here are 8 triggered emails your business could be sending to take advantage of the higher engagement and increased effectiveness of these behavioral marketing campaigns.

In response to a web page visit

When they view specific pages

You can send an email to a contact when they view specific pages of your website. Usually you’d want to send a triggered email campaign after they view a particularly important page, like your pricing page. You could invite them to arrange a time for a product demo or consultation. By sending these invites only after someone has indicated interest, you’ll be able to hone in on the leads that are ready to purchase.

When they visit from a social network

You can trigger a message if someone visits your site from Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. You can invite them to follow you so that you have another channel to engage them on.

When they repeatedly view a webpage

If someone is repeatedly viewing the same page of your website it’s for a reason. If they’re viewing a product page, they’re probably interested, but hesitating for some reason. You could send them a coupon code to help push them over the edge on a purchase decision. If they’re repeatedly viewing your help documents, perhaps you want to reach out and ask them if they’re experiencing trouble and offer to help. The replies can go to your support team. This kind of proactive support will help you address customer concerns faster and your over the top helpfulness will help you retain customers and create advocates.

In response to a custom event

When they log in

When someone logs into their account, it’s the prefect time to engage them. You know they’re online, you know they’re thinking about your company. Why not use that opportunity to deliver a message that’s appropriate to where they are in the customer lifecycle. If it’s the first log in, why not send them an orientation email with suggested getting started steps? If it’s their 20th log in, why not tell them about your affiliate program and how they can earn rewards by spreading the word?

When they view a video

After someone consumes a video, you can guide them into other content or engage them in a conversation. You can even set up Event Tracking so that it only triggers them email if they’ve consumed a certain percentage of the video.

In response to ActiveCampaign conditions

When a lead score changes

You may have an engagement score that tracks how actively your lead’s are engaging with your marketing. When they reach a threshold score, you can automatically trigger an email that invites them to set up a sales call, demo, or consultation. You can also set up a triggered email to go out when their engagement score dips below a threshold you define. This message can attempt to re-engage them with interesting content, a special offer, etc.

When they achieve Goal conditions

With ActiveCampaign, you can set up Goals around virtually anything — purchases, tags being applied, custom field values, etc. You can also combine conditions to create more specific Goals like “Purchased a particular product and is tagged as advocate.” This allows you to send very specific messages to people when they’ve met very specific criteria.

When they join a list

Welcome emails have some of the highest engagement of any type of campaign. This makes them extremely valuable marketing real estate. Take advantage of the opportunity to start your relationship with the contact off on the right foot.
Using these triggered email campaigns will allow you to create marketing that responds and adapts to the behavior of each person. One of the easiest ways to get started is to use our Site Tracking feature to send emails in response to web page visits.

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