Tip: Changing the social share icon images (Unofficial)

images of social icons

Downloaded users can modify the icons used for social sharing in emails:
20110601 1
By default, the above icons are used in emails to replace personalization tags, such as %SOCIALSHARE-FACEBOOK% and %SOCIALSHARE-TWITTER%. When clicking these icons in emails, subscribers are taken to the respective social site to share the campaign.
Some users have expressed interest in changing these images to something different. The software does not currently have an easy setting that allows you to do this, but it can still be done with a little extra work.
Please see our recent forum post detailing how to do this.
The process involves updating the image file itself, and changing the dimensions in a template file. Since this involves editing core software files, we cannot support any problems that arise due to attempting this.
Please feel free to try this technique, and leave any feedback or questions on the forum post page!

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