The 17 Best Chrome Extensions for Marketers


I have 849 logins.
I have at least 6 email/password combinations for different Twitter accounts alone. Maybe 8 or more ActiveCampaign test accounts I have to remember — and that includes login, password and subdomain.
I have personal accounts, I have work accounts, I have family accounts. Even my plant has accounts to apps to let me know when it’s thirsty.
It’s impossible to keep track of in my head.
What’s more — If I used the same password for each of them then I would be exposing myself as a huge security concern. If I did use the same email/password combination for all of my accounts, and the combination was discovered, then an attacker could have access to all of my accounts.
Fortunately, I have 1Password, which means:

  • I don’t have to remember 849 login combinations
  • Each account has its own password
  • I can easily share accounts with my family
  • I don’t have to type long passwords!


I did not do well in my Lit classes in high school. Its a fact. And yet, I really try hard to be good at grammar. Its just not something that comes naturally to me. Its a grind you might say.
Fortunately, I don’t have to go alone. Grammarly is a Chrome extension that reviews your writing for over 250 different types of errors. Grammarly will also help you adjust your writing style for a specific audience, find appropriate synonyms, and teach you about your mistakes so you can become a better writer in the future.
Grammarly was one of the most recommended Chrome extensions for marketers, and is priced based on a freemium model. They also provide a Mac App for offline use as well.


LinkClump was new to me, but was praised highly for the amount of time it can save. The premise is simple, if you need to open many links into new tabs you no longer need to spend a half hour command-clicking away.
With LinkClump, you just click and drag a selection box around all the links you want to open and the Chrome extension will handle the rest.
In addition to opening links in a new window or new tab, you can also copy them to your clipboard or save to your bookmarks.


Facebook is a wormhole. All you needed to do was check that one response on your business Facebook page, and within 15 minutes you have looked at 47 pictures of babies and opened 17 tabs about the same imminent-earth-destroying-clickbait-news-story.
Put. That. Facebook. Down. Focus can help.
After you install the Focus Chrome extension, the extension will prompt you to input which vice-sites you are most susceptible to. The extension will also ask you what your life goals are.
The next time you attempt to visit one of the sites on your block list, Focus will highjack the page with an inspiring image and quotation, and a reminder to focus on your goals.

ActiveCampaign Chrome Extension

I have to give a shout-out to our own ActiveCampaign extension. Our extension extends the functionality of ActiveCampaign from everywhere on the web.
Quickly add a contact to your contact list, look up deals from right within Gmail, track email opens and replies, and manage your tasks, deals and contacts from anywhere.
For more information on the new ActiveCampaign Chrome extension, check out our product announcement.


1h4i0t1at onetab
Chrome browser tabs are the number one cause of RAM decay. I don’t know if that’s a fact or not, but I feel like it’s gotta be true.
OneTab gets you back to work fast by freeing up to 95% of your computer’s RAM with a click of a button.
The Chrome extension works by consolidating all of your open tabs into a single “lightweight” extra tab with a list of all the previously open links.


mbgoq25ie postman
Nothing has been more instrumental in my understanding of APIs or how they work than the Postman Chrome extension/Chrome app.
Postman helps you construct API requests using an intuitive user interface so that you can QA the API request and inspect the response before starting to integrate anywhere else.
Create folders for your most common API requests, and share the folders with your team or friends. You can even set different “environments” with stored passwords and variables.


bpeplp2i1 rapportive
Rapportive was the #1 most recommended Chrome extension by our sales team at ActiveCampaign. A much-loved extension, Rapportive provides detailed information about your contacts from within your Gmail tab.
Information like social media accounts, recent posts, mutual connections and more are all available right from your inbox.
Rapportive was recently acquired by LinkedIn and so the connection to LinkedIn data has only grown.


m80deh32t liner
If you do content marketing — and lets face it, you need to be doing content marketing — then you need to be doing good research.
And if you are doing research, you need to be using Liner. Liner makes it easy to highlight key pieces of information as you read an article.
You can then organize all the highlighted pieces of information and share a link to the article with your highlights attached.

Push by Zapier

fp4io9zqk push
If you have ever wanted a big red “Zap This” button to trigger a workflow in Zapier, your wishes have been answered. Push by Zapier is a Chrome “Zap Trigger” that you can use to trigger a Zapier automation.
Before the Push by Zapier Chrome extension, you had to McGyver a solution together using some other trigger like the Evernote Web Clipper.
The extension is beautiful in its simplicity, you can create one of two types of triggers. Push, or Push with Text.


The Handle Chrome extension consolidates your email, calendar, and to-dos into on single time management tool. Quickly turn emails into to-dos from Gmail by clicking “t.”
Install the companion Handle mobile app and quickly manage your tasks on the go.


I just opened an empty browser tab and just stared at the result for one and a half minutes. I couldn’t help it, I just wanted to take a quick moment to compose my thoughts and quickly de-stress and re-focus.
Plus it was a really interesting picture of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Momentum was another one of our most recommended browser extensions. At the surface it seems simple enough, display a beautiful image, and the time, but it packs a bit more features well hidden by a beautiful UI.
Quickly add the days Focus event to the center, to stay reminded about what you need to get done. Quickly add Todos to the empty tab to view them frequently throughout the day, and sync the Todos across all your devices.
Momentum is typically the very first extension I install when setting up a new machine.


If people had taglines, mine would be “of course it should have cheese.” If we had to go with a second choice then “automate the monotonous” would work.
iMacros is a Chrome extension that enables you to record and playback repetitive work. You can keep the macros on your own computer or sync them across several devices. You can even create macros and share them with your team or publicly with a link.

Full Page Screen Capture

dim1d1yz2 screencapture
Full Page Screen Capture does exactly what it says. It creates a screen capture, even if the area you need to capture is larger than your current browser window.
This one comes in handy a lot when you need to share complex ActiveCampaign automation diagrams without losing detail by zooming all the way out.

JSON Formatter

rag4sdybs json
JSON Formatter is a simple plugin for anybody that has to work with APIs often. If you do work with APIs, you have undoubtedly made a GET request using the easiest API tool of them all — your browser.

If you had a 2016 like we had, then at least one of your teammates is spending a lot of time in Lever (come work with us!).
To make the process of completing an applicants profile faster, Lever has built the Lever Hire Extension. The Chrome extension allows you to create a candidate profile, pre-fill profile fields, quickly add and view notes, and more.

One click extension manager

9juzsj1h oneclick
Phew! Testing gobs of Chrome extensions is exhausting, for me and my Macbook Air. After doing it for 17 Chrome extensions I am lucky to have 100 MB of RAM available.
Fortunately I can quickly and easily clean up all of those extensions with another Chrome extension: One click extension manager.
This one allows me to quickly turn individual plugins on and off. Perfect for plugins that I want to keep installed, but not on all the time, like MozBar, Zarget, etc…


The Datanyze Sales Prospector Chrome extension makes it trivial to do background research and complete profile information on your sales leads.
Quickly discover information about a company like key email addresses, Alexa rank, web technologies, and more all from their company website.

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