SwiftTraction, our new time-management solution, is growing stronger by the day.
The latest addition to the beta version of this exciting upcoming product is a full-service Windows desktop client.
The software installs on your local workstation, and connects to your SwiftTraction web server application to allow you to clock in and out of any of the projects or actions you’re working on. Setup is effortless, requiring nothing more than the address of your normal web login page for SwiftTraction along with your username and password.

Like the SwiftTraction web interface, all your menus and time settings automagically adjust themselves to reflect the project you’re currently looking at, and any changes you make are updated on the server in real time.
The application’s interface is small and clean, and happily stays out of your way by minimizing to your system tray. The system tray menu offers the option to open the primary SwiftTraction interface, start or stop any task, clock in, or clock out, all with one-click convenience.