How a Change in Mindset Changed Her Life — and Built a Six-figure Business

How a Change in Mindset Changed Her Life — and Built a Six-figure Business

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“What would you ask for if you knew the answer would be yes?”

This is the question Reese Evans asks her clients. It’s the same question she asked herself when she felt stuck in a dead-end job, in “the biggest rut of [her] life.” She spent her days doing boring, repetitive tasks and wondering, “Is this really it for me?”

Fast forward to 2019: Reese runs a six-figure personal development and coaching platform, Yes Supply. Using neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Reese empowers her clients to shift their mindsets and break out of their own ruts.

But building a profitable business wasn’t just simple mindset shifts. Along the way, Reese needed ways to…

  • Build a sales process from scratch
  • Create a business that didn’t totally eat away at her time
  • Validate her product ideas (so she didn’t spend 120 hours making products no one would pay for)

Here’s how Reese built a profitable six-figure business.

When you test your ideas, you don’t have to sell (people ask to buy)

“Talk to your students and your tribe as much as possible, because they’re going to tell you exactly what they want. And then you just have to help them solve their problems, and help them get to that answer.”

It’s no secret: Market research plays a big role in the launch of a new business. Reese got on the phone with anyone who had ever shown interest in emotional freedom techniques, hypnotherapy, or NLP.

She knew she wanted to create a personal development platform. She knew she wanted to offer online courses, in-person trainings, content, and community.

She needed to figure out if people would pay for it.

So she got on the phone, with two goals in mind:

  1. Gauge interest and existing knowledge. “I didn’t know how much education I would need to give in order for people to understand it, to help them see that it is worth the investment.”
  2. Gather audience language. “You want to include that in your email marketing, your landing pages, and your sales pages.”

You can’t sell products that people don’t want. And when you do sell, you’ll get more sales if you use the same words your customers use. It shows you understand them and their problems. (You can learn more about how to find this language in this article.)

She didn’t anticipate the third outcome: Sales.

Reese found people jumping at the chance to buy her products – that didn’t even exist yet! Over and over, she answered questions like:

  • “When’s the start date?”
  • “How do I join?”
  • “What do I do?”

This is what it looks like when you have product-market fit – when you have a product that a lot of people want, they ask you if they can buy it.

According to research by CB Insights, lack of product-market fit is the top reason startups fail. By a lot.

vikbziwc4 cbinsightrproductmarketfitIf no one wants what you sell, nothing else matters (Source, CB Insights)

With her idea validated, Reese could start really selling.

But she didn’t want to spend all her time on the phone.

How to sell by the hundreds (not just one at a time)

“I realized that with the CEO mindset, you can’t be on the phone selling your programs.

If your business relies on you to make sales, or to get leads alone, then your business essentially crumbles the moment you get sick, the moment you want to take a holiday, whatever that is.

And I designed my business so that I’m able to have a lot of freedom.”

Armed with notes on her audience’s pain points and goals, Reese set out to automate and scale her sales process.

Enter ActiveCampaign.

“For me, time is my most valuable asset. I’m always looking for ways that I can save time,” explains Reese. She created a lead magnet — free training — for visitors to her site.

29povzcn0 reeseevansleadmagnetThis is how Reese gets contact information for new prospects.

Then, she uses ActiveCampaign to send opted-in contacts five days of free content.

i3jtdo24i reeseevansleadnurture”I did the five days of education so that anyone who came to Yes Supply cold could at least get an understanding of why it’s so valuable to make this investment in themselves and in their business.”

After the free five days of training, Reese uses ActiveCampaign to send a series of email invites for her masterclass. She asks clients if they want the in-person or online version, then tags them to follow up.

What happens if they don’t join right away?

“Hey, you watched the webinar. Hey, my program, the doors are closing. You only have five days left.” (You can get the pre-built version of this automation by clicking here.)

How did Reese learn to do all this?

“I think that getting on calls, learning all these cool, intricate features, and then using them to your advantage is really valuable. And it gives you some support that you might not already have in your business.”

When you know how to use it, automation can be a powerful way to manage your business – without eating up your time.

Reese takes advantage of opportunities to learn how to make the most of her ActiveCampaign account. She attends one-on-one meetings with our client success team, a resource she compares to having a dedicated business coach.

Reese validated her idea and started her business all on her own. Then, with ActiveCampaign’s help, she’s scaled it up to six-figures.

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