Recent Updates Round Up

Not every feature needs an announcement. But over the past several months, we’ve made some minor improvements you may not of noticed that we wanted to share.
Here are some of the tweaks and refinements we’ve made recently:

New automation start trigger menu

Start triggers are now organized into helpful categories and have descriptive tooltips with use cases to help users find the triggering conditions that are right for their automation workflow:
Automation triggers

Improved drag and drop widgets in the campaign builder

This is one of those updates that you may not have noticed. We introduced logic to make adding and moving blocks in the email designer easier, more reliable, and more predictable.

New drop indicator

When you click and drag a content block onto your campaign, there’s an improved “drop indicator” user interface to help you place that block exactly where you want it to be in your campaign.
Drag and drop email designer

Improved empty states for designer blocks

This is another subtle improvement to our campaign builder. When you add a new content block into your email campaign, it’s now more clear when a block is empty and how to edit that block.


We localized ActiveCampaign for German (Hallo!) and French (Bonjour!).

Automation permissions

It’s now possible to restrict access to create, edit, or modify automations to specific groups of users. Users without automation permissions are still able to add contacts to automations and see automation activity on the contact record, but they’re not able to create new automations, modify existing ones, delete automations, etc.

Automation workflow builder speed increase

The automation workflow builder speed has been improved by 10-15x by optimizing the codebase for that section of the app.

In case you missed it – recent product releases

Here are some of the feature releases we’ve announced recently:

  • “Has been sent” condition – Create segments based on whether or not a contact has received a campaign. Use those segments to customize follow up, adjust lead scores, and more.
  • Saved responses – Create templates for common one-to-one emails. This feature is innovative because the messages can be personalized by pulling information from the contact’s record.
  • Deep Data Integration with WooCommerce – Bring in more of your ecommerce data. Use customer lifetime value, product purchases, order dates, and more to drive your automated follow up.
  • Attribution – Track the source of your contacts and use that information to create segments, customize follow up, adjust lead scores, and more.
  • Calendar Feed – Display your ActiveCampaign CRM tasks on your calendar solution alongside your other appointments.
  • iPad Forms iOS app – Easily create beautiful forms to collect leads during in-person events. Automatically store and upload the contact information when your internet connection is restored.

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