We value our customers. In everything we do, we think about you, and we want your feedback and ideas on how to better support you. Whether it’s helping you get started or support along the way–we strive to give you a platform that will help your business grow.
Back by popular demand we are making ideas.activecampaign.com public again and bringing back the ability to upvote ideas.
Our Ideas forum has still been going strong, but we’ve made the decision to make it public again so you have more visibility into what other users are also interested in. ActiveCampaign is built to fit the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses so we’ll prioritize the features that will have the maximum benefit for all of our users. While we might not be able to get to all of your ideas, we hope this will give you a bit more clarity into what’s in the pipeline.
Take a look at what’s in the queue now and share your thoughts by upvoting the ideas that are important to you!
P.S. Have you submitted an idea in the past? Don’t worry! It’s still in the queue. We read and categorize all posts, so no need to repost.