What’s New in CXA? May 2021 Product Updates

What’s New in CXA? May 2021 Product Updates

ActiveCampaign is highlighting a round-up of each month’s releases so you can continue to scale with a platform that’s scaling with you.

What CXA improvements were released throughout the last month?

  1. Expanding the CXA Partner ecosystem. We’re introducing our new Outlook extension and Microsoft Dynamics integration, along with improvements across Salesforce and Shopify integrations to let you better support customer engagement.
  2. Customer Love: your ideas made real. We’re celebrating your vision by bringing you your top customer requests, new CXA innovations, and improvements of your most-loved tools.
  3. The ActiveCampaign Customer Success Commitment. We’re so committed to your success, we guarantee it. Look for new ways we’re providing value, service, and trust — for you and your customers.

Keep reading to learn more about how ActiveCampaign is giving you a platform that continues to grow with you, and can be your guidebook as you find success.

Want to see demos of many of the new features covered below? Check out May’s product updates webinar.

Want to see demos of many of the new features covered below? Check out June’s product updates webinar.

Expanding the CXA Partner ecosystem to keep you better connected

Whether you’re using ActiveCampaign channel solutions or connecting through your favorite third party solutions, you can achieve true omnichannel automation — and our continued improvements to your favorite app integrations make it even easier.

Introducing the new integration: Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Keeping track of all your customers—and providing each with a unique experience—while ensuring sales and marketing are on the same page becomes difficult as your business grows. Sometimes you need more ways to track all those details and keep your teams aligned.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Microsoft and released our direct integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365. You can learn more here.

Manage your ActiveCampaign sales processes from your Outlook inbox

Highly requested by customers, the Outlook Add-in extension helps you manage your ActiveCampaign sales communications right from your Outlook inbox. With the extension, you can:

  • View and add contacts and new accounts
  • Viewing and editing your custom fields
  • Viewing deals and update their stages
  • Viewing and mark tasks as complete
  • …and more!

Add a Shopify “Buy now” button to your landing pages to drive more revenue

Connect Shopify with ActiveCampaign to better engage your shoppers across their purchase journey. You can also showcase your Shopify products or collections on your ActiveCampaign landing pages, and easily add a “buy” button to drive repeat purchases and revenue.

Salesforce lead assignment rules

ActiveCampaign for Salesforce

ActiveCampaign for Salesforce combines the power of Customer Experience Automation with data from Salesforce to create a more personalized customer experience that turns leads into repeat customers. When using Lead Assignment in Salesforce to create new Leads from ActiveCampaign, you’ll now experience improved Lead Assignment rules when configuring your owner settings.

2. Your ideas, made real: how we show #CustomerLoveAC

We’ve addressed some of your requests in our ongoing focus to constant improvement of the ActiveCampaign platform to provide you more value and make it easier to create true 1:1 customer experiences.

Here’s just a few of your ideas that we made real in May.

Cut out manual work by automatically connecting contacts to the right account

ActiveCampaign automations

Data collection and data hygiene can be messy. If you use Automations on Plus tiers and above, you can now use an automation action to add a contact to a new or existing account based on data you’ve already collected. Adding this automation action makes sure contacts are automatically related to the right accounts, saving you manual work.

Conversations now lets you increase the chatbot action block from 25 — to 100!

Conversations lets you combine advanced automation with live chat capabilities to nurture customer relationships and offer a complete, personalized experience across channels. And now, you get even more flexibility when creating your desired visitor experience through the chatbot builder, with the ability to use up to 100 chatbot action blocks.

Conversations has also been updated for better usability and efficiency. Look for:

  • Updated Toggle designs for a consistent user experience
  • Improved Container widths to improve usability and legibility for larger displays
  • Refreshed accordion functionality that shows a single, always displayed view to improve efficiency for Welcome Message and Facebook Messenger
  • Better pop-up readability for accounts with a high volume of Saved Responses

Deal task outcomes on the mobile app to keep your sales aligned

ActiveCampaign mobile app

If you have deal task outcomes enabled in the web platform, you can now complete any deal task via Android or iOS. Once that task is marked complete, the outcome result and any additional information added will be visible from the activity feed. Close deals on the go with Deals CRM for iOS and Android.

We’ve also made a design improvement to how Deals are displayed:

  • Your Deals now how the Account name if there isn’t an associated contact
  • URLs in notes will now display as clickable links

3. Our Customer Success Commitment gives you tools to build trust and inclusion

ActiveCampaign is proud to be the only Customer Experience Automation provider promising excellence in value, service, and trust. That’s why we’re always improving our Customer Success Commitment — so you have a trusted space to grow your business.

New descriptive dictations for a more accessible ActiveCampaign experience

ActiveCampaign is continuing to implement accessibility best practices across our platform. We’ve introduced two new accessibility enhancements to make using ActiveCampaign more helpful and accessible for all our users:

  • The “Recent Activity” section on the Overview page has been enhanced so screen readers can read the email address of each contact.
  • The “Manage Templates” section now reads the name of the template, so it’s easy to find the right template quickly.

Feel confident you’re using SMS text best practices

ActiveCampaign SMS

SMS text messages are part of a powerful omnichannel strategy, so they’re important to get right. Feel confident you’re using best practices to:

  • Provide a way for contacts to opt-out of messaging. Opt-out language will be automatically added on all outbound messages at the point of send if the SMS message body does not include specific opt out keywords.
  • Identify your sender name to SMS recipients with a new field available within Settings “SMS Sender Name.” Any outbound SMS message sent via an automations block automatically adds this name to the front of a message at the point of send.

What you can look forward to from ActiveCampaign

How does ActiveCampaign make sure you’re up-to-date on new releases, customer requests, and the newest best practices? By giving you multiple options to get the information you need, in the ways that best suit you.

  • More timely and easier to use product updates. Our product updates page has a new look and format! A new weekly release schedule means you can quickly catch up on which new product enhancements are most relevant to your business.
  • A monthly webinar highlighting benefits. Get new ideas for your business with the scoop on new product releases, learn the Customer Idea of the Month, discover new automation recipes, and watch product demos. Sign up here.
  • A customer community to support your growth. The ActiveCampaign Community is a unified space for you to get advice, network with other users, earn rewards, and get access to new product updates and features.

Want to keep up to date with us on social? Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Have ideas for new features or product enhancements? Submit an idea. Want to let us know how ActiveCampaign has helped you grow your business? Tag us with #CustomerLoveAC

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