Personalize Your Sales Messaging at Scale

Personalize Your Sales Messaging at Scale

Sending the perfect message to a lead gets you one step closer to landing the next meeting, sending that proposal, or closing a deal.

But making sure those messages are personalized to each customer is usually a manual effort, making it a challenge to do this efficiently across all your sales deals.

Now you can put the information you’re already capturing in custom deal fields to good use by using the same information to personalize your messages.

Personalization tags for custom deal fields make composing custom messages easy by allowing you to dynamically add deal information to email campaigns and one-to-one emails.

It’s just one way we’re helping businesses personalize their content to create better customer experiences that help them stand out from the competition.

Running multiple promotions across different sales territories? No problem. Create a custom deal field for your promotions, then use the personalization tag assigned to that field to mention a promotion in your email campaigns and automation emails.

It’s a one-two punch that will save you time without losing that human touch, so you can keep hitting your sales goals and growing your business every single month.

Learn more about how we’re helping you create more personalized customer experiences with CX Automation.

Send personalized sales messages at scale

Send personalized messages with information that is relevant to your deals, like contract timelines, close dates, demo dates, terms, property addresses, and lead source.

One sales manager can manage multiple deals with more efficiency–and customize the content of their communications that resonate with each individual customer.

With personalization tags, “This allows us to populate specific data for every order a customer places and enhances our ability to deliver order-specific communications to them,” said Brad Gregory, CEO and Founder of Chicago-based

Starting today, you can also populate custom deal fields through Zapier, helping you further personalize your customer outreach with deal information. This is powerful if you’re using another system, forms, or Google Sheets to update deal information.

Save time following up on your deals

Follow up can be tricky when you’re juggling multiple deals and capturing a lot of information about each deal.

Help your team work more efficiently by setting up automated emails that are personalized with deal information. Trigger your automations throughout the sales cycle, like when a new deal is created, when a deal changes stage, or when a deal marked is marked as “won.” Then, let your personalization tags do the heavy lifting to keep messages specific and tailored to each deal.

The applications aren’t limited to sales teams; this is also a great way to save time customizing follow-up messages for job candidates in your recruiting pipeline or coordinating marketing partnerships with other brands in your space.

In addition to external messages to customers, personalization tags are also useful in drafting internal communications to team members about project timelines or deal information.

Get started with custom deal field personalization

Personalization tags for custom deal fields are available to customers who have access to the Deals CRM on Plus, Professional, and Enterprise accounts. They work inside one-off emails, email campaigns, SMS messages, and email subject lines in addition to automation emails.

To start inserting dynamic content into your email campaigns, click “Personalize” in the modal toolbar in the campaign editor.

If you’re sending a one-to-one email, you can get started by typing the percentage symbol (%) within the email.

We automatically generate personalization tags for every custom deal field you create. In addition, your account comes with a list of standard personalization tags. Each of these tags can be inserted into your communications.

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