How to Easily Accept Payments and Leverage Your Sales Data with ActiveCampaign and Spiffy

How to Easily Accept Payments and Leverage Your Sales Data with ActiveCampaign and Spiffy

This post was contributed by Michael Hunter from Spiffy.

Over 95k businesses use ActiveCampaign’s powerful customer experience automation platform. Until recently, ActiveCampaign customers needed to set up a full shopping cart integration to take payments and track sales data in ActiveCampaign.

Well, we’re happy to say that those days are over.

Spiffy makes it easy for ActiveCampaign customers to take payments through their website, then track and act on your sales data in ActiveCampaign.

What is Spiffy?

Spiffy is the easiest way to take payments with ActiveCampaign for people selling services and digital products. Spiffy offers 2 integrations with ActiveCampaign: a direct Deep Data ecommerce integration and a native app.

Spiffy is an intelligent checkout page platform that:

  • Integrates with Stripe and PayPal for payment processing
  • Integrates directly with ActiveCampaign as a Deep Data ecommerce integration & native app
  • Makes it easy to charge for subscriptions and payment plans and offer bumps, upsells, trials, and more
  • Offers 14+ billing automation triggers and a self-service customer portal to prevent and recoup failed payments
  • Features a mobile-first design and architecture for high conversions across all devices

Back in 2016, when Spiffy was born, we saw ActiveCampaign plant a flag as a pioneer of the “marketing stack” philosophy.

At the same time, we also saw tools like Zapier start to emerge, and realized that the “all-in-one” (aka jack-of-all-trades) software days would be coming to an end.

You no longer have to be (or hire) a developer to connect best-in-class software for your specific business — so why settle for a platform that just does an “ok” job at running your business?

Building a custom-tailored marketing stack with powerful, direct, and seamless integrations, is the future of customer experience software.

We built Spiffy to be a valuable piece of your ActiveCampaign marketing stack.

Spiffy has 2 different integrations with ActiveCampaign:

  1. A direct Deep Data ecommerce integration that passes sales data from Spiffy to ActiveCampaign
  2. A native integration that maps checkout fields to custom fields in ActiveCampaign

Most companies will find it useful to use both integrations together, to pass both sales data and extra customer information to contact records.

We’ll give you an overview of each integration, and some examples of different types of companies using Spiffy to take payments with ActiveCampaign.

The power of ActiveCampaign and Spiffy’s direct Deep Data ecommerce integration

Spiffy’s Deep Data ecommerce integration unlocks new possibilities within your ActiveCampaign account.

Deep Data integrations are direct integrations that:

  1. Collect and store sales data in ActiveCampaign (standard integrations only send basic info)
  2. Automatically provide data-specific structure
  3. Empower you to easily act on crucial data

Deep Data capabilities are one of the most valuable and highly under-leveraged features of the ActiveCampaign platform. You can use Spiffy’s Deep Data ecommerce integration to find hidden pockets of potential revenue. By implementing marketing campaigns to increase the frequency of purchase, you keep your best customers coming back.

Spiffy’s integration with ActiveCampaign also helps you keep all of your sales data in one place. In this day and age, your customer data and your sales data should not be in separate systems. If you have to export leads from one system, and sales data from another system, just to get basic stats like customer lifetime value (LTV) or average churn rate, you need to upgrade to an integrated tech stack.

Your CRM should be the central place for all of your customer data, and integrations like Spiffy can make ActiveCampaign’s CRM that central piece of your customer experience stack.

How Spiffy’s and ActiveCampaign’s Deep Data ecommerce integration lets you make the most of your sales data

When a customer buys through a Spiffy Checkout, sales data is pushed directly to ActiveCampaign.

In the ActiveCampaign contact record, you will see a new “ecommerce” section that features information like:

  • Total revenue/lifetime value
  • Order total
  • Order date and time stamp
  • Order status
  • Products in the order
  • Spiffy Order ID (This links directly to the order record in Spiffy, making refunds and updating the card on file easy)

ActiveCampaign contact record with sales data from Spiffy

Once the sales and order data is in ActiveCampaign, you can use “Advanced Search” to filter, segment, search, and trigger automations based on that sales data.

Now you can easily find your best customers, identify customers that are at risk of churning, and see lifetime value numbers — all in ActiveCampaign.

You can run customer appreciation campaigns or launch special offers to your best customers by segmenting customers based on their total revenue, or lifetime value (LTV).

You can run customer re-engagement campaigns based on last purchase date to try to save customers who are at risk of not coming back — or of making their next purchase from your competitor.

If you use ActiveCampaign to send sales emails, and your customers purchase your products and services through a Spiffy Checkout, ActiveCampaign will also attribute ROI back to the last email clicked prior to purchase.

odkda5tre spiffy2With Spiffy and ActiveCampaign, track sales campaign revenue back to the last email your customer opened before purchase

This can be a great feature for product launches or short sales promotions with multiple sales emails in a short period of time. You can see at-a-glance which emails were most effective.

The Deep Data ecommerce integration makes the “Reports” section of ActiveCampaign extremely valuable. Now you can visually see the performance of your marketing efforts. Below is an example of the “Marketing Revenue” report, that will show you how much revenue is being driven by your automations, and by your campaigns.

f1jew3kc8 spiffy3Use the Reports section of ActiveCampaign to track marketing revenue driven by automations and campaigns

Spiffy’s new native app allows users to connect Spiffy Checkouts directly from inside ActiveCampaign

Spiffy is one of the first native app integrations available in the ActiveCampaign app marketplace. The Spiffy native app makes it possible to connect a specific Spiffy Checkout and map the checkout fields to custom fields in ActiveCampaign, all without ever having to leave ActiveCampaign.

When you connect a Spiffy Checkout with the new native integration, ActiveCampaign will automatically create a unique tag for that specific Checkout. This means that you can set Spiffy Checkouts as tag purchase goals in Automations without having to leave ActiveCampaign.

Want to stop a marketing automation or start a post-purchase automation when a customer makes a specific purchase? You can now select specific Spiffy Checkouts as tag triggers right inside your automations.

This automation uses a Spiffy Checkout as a trigger to send a welcome email to a customer

You can now map fields from your Spiffy checkout pages to your custom fields in ActiveCampaign. This lets you pass information like billing address, shipping address, and anything else you collect on a Spiffy checkout page back to ActiveCampaign contact records.

8aymntmnd spiffy5Map Spiffy fields to your custom fields in ActiveCampaign using the native integration

These native integrations are the future of customer experience automation, and we’re just scratching the surface of what’s truly possible with this new integration. We’re excited to see what else we can do with this in the coming years!

Who should use Spiffy with ActiveCampaign?

Spiffy is for anyone who needs a simple and powerful way to take payments through their website.

We designed Spiffy to be the perfect tool for people who are:

  • Selling services and/or digital products
  • Selling products and services through a marketing funnel like Facebook ads. If you’re running Facebook ads, most of your traffic is going to be mobile traffic, and you better be sure you have a fast and mobile-optimized checkout.

Here are 4 of the top types of businesses that will get the most value out of the Spiffy & ActiveCampaign integrations:

  1. Experts & thought leaders
  2. Service providers
  3. Agencies
  4. Ecommerce stores

1. Experts & thought leaders

e392q98f uses Spiffy to sell consulting and digital products with payment plans

Spiffy was built to solve for all of the various types of offers common to experts — people who are coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, and thought leaders. Spiffy is the easiest way to charge and manage subscription payments, set up payment plans for high-ticket offers, and easily implement 1-click upsells to boost revenue.

If you need to take payments for things like consulting and coaching packages, keynote fees, membership programs, and online courses, Spiffy is the go-to solution for ActiveCampaign users who fall into the “experts & thought leaders” category.

Popular features for experts & thought leaders:

  1. Subscriptions for access to ongoing training or services
  2. Payment plans for high-ticket items
  3. Self-serve billing portal where customers can update their card information
  4. Upsells to boost revenue

2. Service providers

National Moves uses Spiffy to take a deposit before people schedule their move date

Are you a service provider who delivers a standardized service on a set monthly schedule? Do you still send invoices and chase down your customers to pay?

Stop the madness! There’s a better way.

If you provide a service like pool cleaning or landscaping, you can put your customers on a recurring subscription where you can automatically charge your customer’s card each month rather than having to manually send invoices.

Popular features for service providers:

  1. Automate recurring payments for monthly services
  2. Self-serve billing portal where customers can update their card information
  3. Payment plans for big projects

3. Agencies

km44vnpiq spiffy8ProfitFalcon Agency is selling a FB Ads lead gen package with a checkbox offer bump

Spiffy is perfect for modern agencies that have productized services and set monthly retainer packages. Like service providers, most agencies manually send invoices and have to awkwardly follow up with clients to pay outstanding invoices.

You can set up recurring subscriptions for ongoing client relationships and payment plans for larger project-based work, so you get paid on time.

Agencies love using Spiffy for their clients as well because it saves them time — so they can allocate time and resources to other high-value services.

Popular features for agencies:

  1. Recurring payments for monthly retainer services
  2. Payment plans for implementation packages
  3. Mobile-first & conversion-optimized design for paid ads campaigns

4. Ecommerce stores

Checkout pages are still an under-leveraged tactic in the ecommerce world. Too few ecommerce brands understand the power of a checkout page.

Savvy ecommerce stores are always looking to improve numbers like LTV and average order value. Checkout pages can be used to tailor messaging throughout the buying experience and drive traffic to specific product bundles. In turn, those bundles can increase the average order value and customer lifetime value.

For ecommerce brands, the conversation isn’t shopping cart or checkout pages — it’s shopping cart and checkout pages. If you’re not using checkout pages to recover abandoned carts with specific offers, you’re leaving money on the table.

Popular features for ecommerce stores:

  1. Mobile-first & conversion-optimized single-step checkout
  2. Ability to add conversion-boosting content to the checkout like testimonials, guarantees, and product benefits

Take Spiffy and ActiveCampaign for a test drive!

By now, you can see that Spiffy is a powerful checkout page option for ActiveCampaign users.

Spiffy makes it easy to take payments and to leverage both the Deep Data and native app integrations with ActiveCampaign. You can be up and running in minutes, with beautiful, mobile-friendly and conversion-optimized checkout pages. Spiffy offers a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee, so you can take Spiffy for a test drive completely risk-free for your first 30 days.

Click here to learn more about Spiffy and ActiveCampaign.

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