Nurture Stronger Sales Relationships with Engagement Tracking for One-to-One Emails

When should you hand leads from marketing to sales? Where does marketing get visibility into sales processes? How can sales improve prospecting to nurture more warm opportunities? 

Using automated one-to-one emails as part of your sales engagement automation strategy helps ensure every insight is aligned. Marketing can help deliver truly connected customer experiences, and sales teams can take the conversation to the next level for warmer leads — and more closed deals. 

Now, engagement tracking for one-to-one emails lets you know who has interacted with your sales messages — so you always know when to automate the next best steps or provide the personal touch.  

Keep reading to learn:

  1. How do automated one-to-one emails work to grow your business?
  2. How can you use engagement tracking to nurture warmer leads? 
  3. Why should sales engagement automation be part of your customer experience?

How do automated one-to-one emails work to grow your business?

One-to-one emails help sales reps identify qualified prospects, know the right time to reach out to existing customers for personal conversations, and follow-up with the personal touch at scale when it will be the most effective. 

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How do one-to-one emails work? You can: 

  • Use an automation block action to easily send a personal email through a connected personal account, like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and more.
  • Create automations with a one-to-one email using any trigger — like contact, deal, or even custom object triggers.
  • Include personalization tags and hyperlinks in your automated one-to-one emails to nurture stronger relationships.

One-to-one sales emails can be a powerful part of your outbound sales engagement automation strategy. And now with engagement tracking, sales teams get even more of the right data to make every conversation count. 

How can you use engagement tracking to nurture warmer leads? 

Engagement tracking for automated one-to-one emails lets you understand how prospects have interacted with your emails — and you can then use that engagement to automate the personal touch at scale, boost results, and drive more business growth.

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How does engagement tracking for one-to-one emails work? When setting up the action block in your automation, you can choose to track:

  • Opens
  • Link clicks
  • Email replies
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Engagement with your email — opens, link clicks, and replies — will show up on the Recent Activity screen of the Deal record.

You can also use one-to-one email engagement as a trigger for new automations. For example, you could use engagement tracking on a sales sequence to update a tag or deal score, move the deal to the next stage, and assign a task to the deal owner to follow up. 

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Sales engagement automation uses rich customer data from every sales and marketing touchpoint, so you know the right time and channel to automate unique and timely messages. Engagement tracking uses that data to help you spend less time and money on the longshots and focus more of your resources on the prospects that have engaged with you.

Why sales engagement automation should be part of your customer experience 

“Since we’ve started using ActiveCampaign, our sales, marketing, and customer support teams are much more aligned and productive. Thanks to having a complete view of the customer and pipeline automation, our sales team is spending less time cold calling, and more time with the leads most likely to close. The conversations they’re having with customers are much more informed, which makes for a better experience for our customers.” — Miguel Horta Camacho, Digital Marketing Specialist at Dalton

76% of customers expect a personalized experience from the brands they interact with.

It’s not enough to have good products and a great sales team. You need a holistic strategy to develop an excellent customer experience, or you’ll lose customers to companies that prioritize it. Sales engagement automation makes it easy to prioritize customer relationships by giving sales the right context to build and maintain trust throughout the entire lifecycle, so every customer feels personally catered to.

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Customers expect a connected and cohesive experience across email, SMS, landing pages, social, and more. ActiveCampaign makes it easy to extend amazing, automated customer experiences through every touchpoint.

Crafting a good customer experience doesn’t happen by accident. You need to think purposefully about how each interaction adds up to create that customer’s experience — sales engagement automation helps connect those dots and eliminate gaps. 

  • Stay aligned for better results
    • Make marketing and sales more efficient with personal and integrated multichannel campaigns that seamlessly span the customer lifecycle.
  • Optimize 1:1 communication
    • Incorporate personal email conversations into your multi-channel sequencing and workflows; give sales teams the right data to make every conversation count.
  • Capture more of the right leads
    • Know your most qualified leads and confidently take action with multi-touch prospecting. Boost close rates with data from email, SMS, website, and more.

With ActiveCampaign, businesses of all sizes can reap the benefits of sales engagement automation through one-to-one emails, ensuring the best possible customer experience and maximizing growth potential.

One-to-one emails are available on Professional and Enterprise plans. Log in to start using them as part of your sales engagement automation strategy, or upgrade now to take full advantage.

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