The 13 Best Newsletters for Content Creators: Ones Worth Subscribing To

No matter if you’re a content creator just starting out or a veteran in the scene, it’s never a bad idea to stay in the know about the creator economy and continue to seek out tips and tricks from experts in your field.

There is so much information out there to be consumed at all times and it can be daunting to go out and do all the research yourself. This is where newsletters answer the call. Subscribing to and reading a variety of newsletters is a great way to stay up-to-date on trends, industry news, social media algorithm changes, and recent developments in the creator world. They include curated articles, takeaways, videos, and thoughts to ponder on, all in one packaged-up piece.

Newsletters are also a great resource when you need a perspective from someone working in your field.

We’ve put together a list of the 13 best newsletters for content creators that offer valuable insights and actionable advice. All have different niches and purposes, giving you a chance to pick and choose which ones you’ll find the most value in. 

And heads up: This post is part of our Content Creator series that delves into essential strategies that empower content creators – from those working independently to those creating content for large organizations and everyone in between. Discover all of the resources below.

Morning Brew’s Marketing Brew

Frequency: Every day Monday through Friday
Topics discussed: Current campaigns, advertising trends, industry happenings
Cost: Free
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Morning Brew, a popular daily email that “makes reading the news enjoyable” has launched a new newsletter focused on everything marketing. Marketing Brew promises to deliver the latest news and analysis of trends shaping the marketing industry. The newsletter gives an analysis of the biggest and brightest campaigns to keep you informed about what’s happening now.

marketing brew newsletter

 They break down their newsletter topics into four subsections:

  • Advertising: Tips and trends to ensure your brand makes a splash.
  • Media: The latest news about streaming platforms and service providers.
  • Influencers: Everything you need to know about influencer marketing.
  • Social media: Keeping you up-to-date on feature updates, strategy & more.

Subscribe with the link above and explore other topics like brands, programmatic ads, tech, media, audio, and streaming. 

ThoughtLeaders’ The Week in Context

Frequency: Weekly
Topics discussed: Influencer marketing news, creator tips, brand opportunities
Cost: Free
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While we’re highlighting ThoughtLeaders’ The Week in Context, they actually produce two newsletters with slightly different goals. Their weekly insights newsletter (The Week in Context) provides analysis of influencer marketing industry news while their Creator Cheat Sheets newsletter shares tips for creators and updates about brand opportunities.

thoughtleaders newsletter
thoughtleaders' the week in context

Being a company that dedicates itself to helping content creators, influencers, and brands connect to create partnerships of their own, ThoughtLeaders’ newsletter is the perfect choice for any creator looking for guidance on how to navigate influencer marketing, sponsorships, blog writing, and podcast creation.  

Find their newsletter archive here.

Learning with Semrush

Frequency: Every Friday
Topics discussed: SEO tips, keyword optimization, on-page improvements
Cost: Free
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For any content creator who writes for a blog or manages the SEO strategy for their company, subscribing to Learning with Semrush is a no-brainer. It provides in-depth case studies that present actual instances of successful campaigns along with the strategies that drove their success.

semrush newsletter

Semrush is a leading SEO tool that many content creators use to run keyword research and find content gaps for their blog. Their newsletter gives you a bevy of SEO tips and strategies that can enhance your website’s performance. You’ll receive practical advice on improving keyword optimization, optimizing site structure, and creating engaging content. 

For content marketing and SEO folks who want to drive more traffic to their site and rank for important keywords in their industry, Semrush’s insights are priceless.

The Publish Press

Frequency: Three times a week
Topics discussed: Recent creator news
Cost: Free
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The Publish Press is a three times weekly newsletter that delivers the latest in creator news. It was started by popular YouTube creators Colin and Samir who have amassed an audience of over 1.4 million people. Their motto is About Creators, For Creators. 

the publish press newsletter

With insights from Hannah Doyle and Nate Graber-Lipperman, the Publish Press dives into topics like the latest news in social platforms, industry creators, AI tool debates, and the influencers that you should keep your eyes on (highlighting the best practices and tactics they’ve found success with so you can incorporate them into your strategy too).

Business Insider’s Insider Creators

Frequency: Weekly
Topics discussed: The latest trends and strategies in the creator economy
Cost: Free
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Insider Creators is a newsletter run by popular Business Insider creator economy reporter Amanda Perilli. Also completely viewable on LinkedIn, Perilli shares her thoughts on emerging trends and strategies that will help you navigate the always-changing creator economy. 

insider creators newsletter

Insider Creators covers a wide range of topics like the recent TikTok ban, topical experts to know, AI tools, algorithm shifts, and building a community on social media. The newsletter’s main focus is to help you get your bearings on what’s important for your brand in the creator economy and finding the creators that can help you succeed.

The Information’s Creator Economy Newsletter

Frequency: Three times a week
Topics discussed: Economical insights about the creator economy
Cost: Starting at $33.25/month
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As the only newsletter on this list that isn’t free, don’t be too quick to turn away from The Information’s Creator Econony newsletter. The Information is a publication that reports on the business and tech industry and showcases some of the world’s most influential leaders in both tech and politics.

the information's creator economy newsletter

Their Creator Economy Newsletter led by journalist Kaya Yurieff is delivered three times a week and gives you a real view of everything you need to know about the creator economy. The newsletter covers analysis on social media, the latest in finance, and interviews tech executives, VCs, founders, and the hottest creators of the moment.

Creator Economy is a realistic portrait of the state of the creator industry and provides current information on a breadth of topics from social media trends to startup launches to major venture deals. 

Find their newsletter archive here.


Frequency: Daily
Topics discussed: Creator news, top stories, video-oriented news
Cost: Free
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Tubefilter is one of the most trusted sources for information on the creator economy. Their newsletter is mainly focused on video and reports on relevant video trends to pay attention to as well as the influencers who are on the rise. 

tubetilter newsletter

Tubefilter is focused on four niches in the creator world: TikTok, YouTube, influencers, and self-made millionaires on both platforms and a continuously updated chart that tracks the top-performing channels and creators. They curate stories on topics like editing YouTube shorts, YouTube testing AI features, TikTok monetization changes, and more.

The Saturday Solopreneur

Frequency: Every Saturday
Topics discussed: Tips for growing your online business
Cost: Free
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The Saturday Solopreneur is written by Justin Welsh, a business consultant who started out writing about SaaS sales on LinkedIn and eventually discovered that his audience was more interested in how he’d grown his LinkedIn audience in the first place. The newsletter comes out every Saturday (go figure) and is designed specifically to be only a four-minute read with one key takeaway for growing your business in each edition.

the saturday solopreneur newsletter

Past topics have been regarding optimizing your LinkedIn, how to write a good cold DM, improving sales conversion, and more. Welsh has grown his LinkedIn audience to new heights and has earned $3 million in just over three years so if you’re looking for advice on scaling your business as a content creator, this is the newsletter for you.

Find the newsletter archive here.

The Leap

Frequency: Every Thursday
Topics discussed: Creator monetization, tips on making money as a creator
Cost: Free
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The Leap is a newsletter by Thinkific created to focus on creator monetization and empowering creators to uplevel their business. It’s filled with all the solid advice, practical tips, and free resources you need to start making money online.

the leap newsletter

The Leap’s mission is to help you make money online as a creator. Their newsletter analyzes trends, offers tips on growing your audience, and serves up the “must know” news in the creator economy each week. They often include stories and tips from popular creators and format each edition as an easy-to-read 5-minute breakdown. 

Find their newsletter archive here.


Frequency: Two times a week
Topics discussed: Creator news and tips, growing your audience
Cost: Free
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Passionfruit is a newsletter created by The Daily Dot, a media company that covers digital trends and online culture. Because the creator world is always changing, Passionfruit’s goal is to help creators navigate the landscape and stay up-to-date on the latest happenings.

passionfruit newsletter

The newsletter often includes interviews with emerging creators, advice from popular influencers, and dives deep into current internet trends to highlight underrepresented creator subcultures.


Frequency: Twice a week
Topics discussed: Social media news, Instagram and TikTok tips, free resources
Cost: Free
Subscribe here

Later is a popular social media management platform so it makes sense for them to have their own newsletter to deliver insights right from the source. The newsletter revolves around supercharging creators on social platforms and touches on topics like how to boost engagement on your content and how to create truly evergreen content.

later newsletter

Later is a great newsletter to subscribe to if you’re a creator who lives and breathes social media. The newsletter is a great resource to connect current trends to your content. They also have a blog with long-form articles you can read for even more social insights on things like TikTok tips or how to grow your audience as a new influencer. 

Create & Sell

Frequency: Twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday
Topics discussed: Email marketing tips for creators, growing your email list
Cost: Free
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Focused specifically on helping creators master email marketing to sell their products, Create & Sell covers topics like email list segmentation, monetizing your newsletter, and the basics of setting up email tools. 

create & sell newsletter

Create & Sell was started by Brennan Dunn, an email marketing wizard with a decade’s plus worth of experience selling through email campaigns. The newsletter focuses on advice for creators on how to segment, personalize, and automate their email workflow, one of the best levers for growth. 

If you’re looking to master email marketing and make money with your own newsletter, Create & Sell is the newsletter for you.

Creator Science

Frequency: Every Sunday
Topics discussed: Creator tips and experiments, expert interviews, powerful tools
Cost: Free
Subscribe here

Creator Science is a newsletter created by Jay Clouse with the goal of helping you become a better creator. It often includes interviews with top creators, first-hand experiments from Clouse’s own business, and evidence-backed growth advice.

creator science newsletter

When you subscribe to Creator Science, you can expect to receive advice with no fluff (that’s his specialty). Clouse freely gives his advice on building an audience as a creator as well as new tools and how he uses them.

Keep up to get ahead

By subscribing to a few or all of these weekly newsletters, you’ll have a front-row seat to the best insights in the world of content creation and marketing. Then, once you have an idea of the topics you want to cover and the campaigns you’d like to launch, you’ll need a way to communicate that to your audience. One of these avenues, and maybe the most popular, is email marketing

With ActiveCampaign, you’ll have the tools to build a healthy email list, properly segment your audience, and automate your email marketing, saving you time and money. ActiveCampaign’s advanced features allow you to deliver hyper-specific messaging to each contact and nurture deeper, more authentic relationships with them. Plus, with this targeted messaging, you increase the chance that they convert (the foundation of growing your business as a creator). 

If you’re ready to bake email marketing into your content strategy, ActiveCampaign has the functionality you need. Sign up for a free trial today.

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