How can you sort, navigate, and manage your automations?
The automations overview page in ActiveCampaign is the place where you can see all of the automations you’ve built. In a recent update, we redesigned the overview page to give you more information and make it easier to sort through your automations.

Easily sorted automations

The updates to the automations overview make it easier to sort and navigate your automations.
With the new overview, you can sort automations by status (All, Active, and Inactive) or label (added by you).

Sort automations by status

Sort automations by label

The new overview also makes it extremely easy to add labels to your automations—each automation has an “Add Label” button below its name.
Users who have switched to our new, updated navigation will also be able to reorder automations using the “Sort By” dropdown menu. In the new overview, you can sort by:

  • Last Edited
  • Highest Activity
  • Oldest Created
  • Newest Created
  • Alphabetical A-Z
  • Alphabetical Z-A

Sort your automations using the “Sort By” menu.

For more information on sorting automations, read our help documentation.

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Quick automation stats and start triggers

In addition to improving your ability to sort automations, the new automations overview gives you an at-a-glance look at key characteristics of your automations.

Automation stats visible in the new overview include connected automations, number of contacts in the automation, emails in the automation, and automation goals.
Note: You will only see these at-a-glance automation stats if you have upgraded to our new navigation.
When you mouse over each stat, you will see some additional information.
Hovering over connected automations will show you which automations are connected. If a connected automation is inactive it will be greyed out.

Hovering over contacts will show you the number of contacts currently within an automation.

Hovering over campaigns will show you the name of each campaign within the automation, as well as its open rate. Clicking on the campaign takes you to that specific campaign report.

Hovering over automation goals will show you the name of each goal, as well as its completion rate. Clicking on a specific goal will bring you to its report.

If you choose, you can also view the start trigger of each automation in the automation overview.
If you need to sort your automations or get a quick look at connected automations, start triggers, and performance, I highly recommend checking out the new automation overview.
For more information on automation stats, read our help documentation.

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