ActiveCampaign Mobile Apps: Your Business, Now on Your Phone

ActiveCampaign Mobile Apps: Your Business, Now on Your Phone

What if you could manage your business from your phone?

Sometimes you’re not at your desk. And you don’t always want to fire up your computer just to check the performance of your last email.

With new updates to the ActiveCampaign mobile apps, you can work when (and where) you want, so you never miss anything important. See detailed marketing reports, track your email performance, update your CRM, and quickly find contact data on the fly — all from your phone.

ActiveCampaign’s mission is to help build meaningful connections with your customers. Now, with updated mobile platforms, you can use Customer Experience Automation to manage your customer relationships, wherever you are. Being able to work more efficiently and react in real time makes those relationships more organic.

Today, we’re announcing updates to two ActiveCampaign mobile apps — so that you can manage marketing, sales, or support from anywhere.

The ActiveCampaign mobile app

Available on iOS and Android, the ActiveCampaign mobile app gives you the core features of ActiveCampaign — available from your pocket. Check your reports, see email performance, or update your CRM, even if you’re away from your desk.

In the ActiveCampaign mobile app, you can get:

  • Mobile marketing reports and analytics
  • Mobile CRM and sales automation
  • Lead/contact management

Mobile marketing reports and analytics

ActiveCampaign mobile app campaigns tab

Now you can review your most important email marketing metrics and reports — whenever and however you want.

Within the newly released Campaigns tab, you can review:

  • Campaigns tab home. Quickly get an overview of your campaign and automation email sends by viewing:
    • All sent campaigns
    • Date and time deployed (or if it’s a recurring email send, last deployment)
    • Number of contacts email was sent to
    • If the email is a one-time send or part of an automation

Tap on any email record, and the app drills down to provide more information, such as:

  • General Information. Review general campaign information, including which lists and segments received your email message.
  • Performance. Drill down in any campaign record to reveal opens, clicks, generated revenue, and bounces or unsubscribes.
  • Link Performance. See unique click and open rates, and then drill down further to see unique click and open rates for every link within your email.
  • Details. Review your subject line, preheader, from- and reply-address.
  • Split Test Performance. Compare split test performance metrics and drill into individual tests.
  • Email Preview. Get a quick visual of your email send.

Mobile CRM and sales automation

ActiveCampaign mobile deals CRM

CRM — customer relationship management — means creating the best possible experience for your customers at every step of the customer lifecycle.

The ActiveCampaign mobile app gives you everything you need from your CRM on your phone, and lets you update the CRM area of ActiveCampaign on the go. You can manage your entire sales team and pipeline from the field.

What can you do with a mobile CRM?

  • Manage and create deals. Keep deals flowing through the pipeline. Check up on existing deals, create new ones, and make notes so that no deal slips through the cracks.
  • Track and assign tasks. Stop tasks from piling up on your desk while you’re out of the office. Stay on top of your to-do list, assign tasks to your team, set meetings, and mark tasks as complete.
  • Manage accounts from anywhere. Get info on the businesses you work with. Search your accounts, get the info you need, make updates and add new accounts.

Lead/contact management

ActiveCampaign mobile app contacts tab

The Contacts tab lets you easily search contacts and accounts, check information, edit details, and add new contacts while you’re on the go. That includes contacts imported from popular integrations like Gmail and Outlook. Being able to manage contacts and accounts in one place means you’re able to more effectively provide a great customer experience.

You can review details like:

  • General Details. Account information like name, contact information, and custom fields
  • Deals. Deals associated with a contact, or create a new deal for a contact
  • Tasks. Add or complete tasks
  • Lists. Add contacts to lists
  • Tags. Add or remove tags associated with any contact
  • Notes. Add notes to any contact record
  • Contact. Message your contact through phone, email, or your existing SMS application

The Activity tab shows emails the contact has clicked on, and a preview of the email the contact received.

Download the ActiveCampaign mobile app:

iOS app store

Google Play Store

The ActiveCampaign Conversations app

ActiveCampaign Conversations mobile app

ActiveCampaign Conversations lets you have real-time conversations with your audience – wherever you are. Make your support team more supportive. Make your sales team sell better. And with the ActiveCampaign Conversations mobile app, you never miss a message because you aren’t at your desk.

Live chat, email marketing, and a unified inbox let you connect the conversations you have with your customers to the information you have in ActiveCampaign. In the Conversations App, you can:

  • Get new chat and message notifications directly to your phone. Never miss a message (and bring down your response time).
  • Respond to chats through the unified inbox – so all your mobile and desktop responses are kept in one place.

Download the ActiveCampaign mobile app:

iOS app store

Google Play Store

Your customers are on their mobile devices every day. If your business is mobile, you understand better how your customers think and work. And if you’re a phone-tap away, you’re there when they need you to be — instead of just when you fire up your computer.

ActiveCampaign continues to develop new functionality within its mobile solutions, so you can stay connected to your customers, not your computer. Keep your most important data (and your business’s pulse) at your fingertips with ActiveCampaign mobile apps.

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