Migrate Feedburner Email Subscriptions To Email Marketing Software

Migrate Feedburner Email Subscriptions To Email Marketing Software

If you use Feedburner to manage email subscriptions for RSS content, you can easily migrate your subscribers to our Email Marketing Software, and take advantage of more robust features and support.
Advanced features include:

  • Powerful subscriber and list management
  • Campaign tracking and reporting
  • Full integration and API
  • Customize the format of the email sent (HTML or Text)

Import subscribers

To get started, log into your Feedburner account and go to Publicize > Email Subscriptions.
image 3816091
Scroll to the bottom and click “View Subscriber Details.”
image 7231188
Click “CSV” to export your subscribers as a CSV file.
In the Email Marketing software, import your subscribers to a new list – for this example, we’ll call the list “RSS subscribers.”
Choose “Import from a file,” and pick your CSV file.
image 5534641
Map the fields appropriately:
image 8689235
Click Import, and your subscribers will then be subscribed to list “RSS subscribers.”

Create RSS campaign

Create a new “RSS Updates” campaign, using our ActiveRSS add-on.
image 8411185
Choose your “RSS subscribers” list, and create a new message to send. Your message will contain RSS feed tags that get replaced when the campaign is sent with actual content from your RSS feed.
When creating a new message, choose “Insert RSS” in the editor toolbar:
image 8469033
Type or paste the RSS feed URL, and choose what items should be included in the campaign:
image 2124903
Click “Insert,” and you should see some text appear in the editor:
image 2568937
These are system tags that will get replaced with actual RSS content when the campaign sends.
Fill in the rest of the form fields, and save your message:
image 8273729
Continue through the rest of the “Create Campaign” process, and when you get to the page that asks when you want the campaign to be sent, choose the start date and time, and how often it should recur:
image 9147655
Please note: The campaign will only send when new items are found in the RSS feed – the recurrence setting is only telling the system how often to check for new items within the feed.
Continue through the rest of the “Create Campaign” process and click “Finish” when you’re ready.
Your RSS campaign is now saved and ready to be sent. You can continue updating your feed and the Email Marketing system will take care of sending – no other involvement is required of you, unless you want to change the settings or layout of the email.

Update your subscription form

The last step is to update your subscription form HTML so new subscribers are not stored in the Feedburner system, but in the Email Marketing system.
Go to Integration > Subscription Forms, and create a new form.
image 8598694
Copy the HTML and replace your old Feedburner subscription form HTML with this.
image 1428587

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