Introducing Accounts: Manage Your Customers as Businesses, Companies, and More

Introducing Accounts: Manage Your Customers as Businesses, Companies, and More

As you grow your marketing and sales efforts, it gets increasingly difficult to keep track of leads and customer follow up—especially when you don’t have the proper tools.

And when you have a business customer with multiple contacts, it’s even more challenging to track activity between marketing and sales, know where you’re at with each prospect, and see when—and how—to follow up. 

That’s why we’re introducing Accounts—a new, B2B-friendly way to manage your customer relationships. With Accounts, you can now market and sell to your customers business to business—and see which contacts are associated with each of your customers.

Replacing Organizations on Plus and above plan tiers, Accounts are a cleaner, more streamlined experience when you need an overview of all the information associated with a customer.

Manage your customers as businesses, companies, and more

Accounts are flexible enough to represent all kinds of customers, from large corporations and departments within, to smaller businesses, non-profits, families, and more. 

Whether your customers are businesses or individuals, you can now organize your data in a way that makes sense. Store a company’s address and industry on the account level, and store information about your contacts at that company on their profile pages—no more manually adding company information across contact profiles!

Accounts come with default fields including Address, Description, Number of Employees, Annual Revenue, and Industry/Vertical. You can also create your own custom fields to keep track of information like how long a company has been your customer, internal IDs, and anything else that’s meaningful for your business.

Tailor your marketing for customer segments

Your marketing activities will change based on who you’re marketing to. Accounts make it easier to tailor your marketing to specific customer segments based on what you know about them.

A fitness studio that sells family memberships can use Accounts to keep track of outreach efforts to specific family members, and know to target Mom—who runs—with a promo code for their marathon training program, and send Dad—who likes strength-training—information about their strength classes. 

Accounts also let the same studio easily see which families are eligible for their special “family of four” rate.

In a B2B scenario, there may be different segments within a company that you need to tailor the experience for. If you’re noticing a surge in purchases of a particular product from the Sales department, you may want to tailor your marketing to this segment with messaging on that specific product.

Connect the dots between marketing and sales

Connect the dots between your marketing and sales activities to make follow-up with leads and customers easy.

Click on an account to get a full-picture view of your customer and all related contacts. The at-a-glance view helps you easily understand who the key players and decision-makers are, so you can know you’re reaching out to the right person every time. 

Accounts also show you the last interaction you had with each contact associated with the account, so you can track your relationship with your customers from lead to sale. 

If you sell software, Accounts can help your team keep track of individual leads and customers within a company. The Accounts page will help you understand who has already trialed your product, and dig in to see when and how each customer was last contacted, so you can easily pick up where someone on your team left off. 

Coming soon: Tie a deal to an account! 

In the coming months, we’ll continue to improve on the look and feel of the platform, and share more updates as we bring you new tools to help you market and sell to your customers the way you want. Starting with the ability to tie a deal to an account, so you can more easily move those B2B deals through your pipeline.

Accounts are now available on all Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans. You can also search, edit, and add new accounts while you’re on-the-go in the Mobile CRM app for iOS and Android.

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