Introducing 6 New Enhancements to Our Shopify Integration

Introducing 6 New Enhancements to Our Shopify Integration

Is it ever too soon to talk about Cyber Monday?

We don’t think so. In fact, we made some enhancements to our Shopify integration to help ensure our ecommerce customers are ready for the busiest online shopping day of the year. 

With more than thousands of ecommerce merchants depending on ActiveCampaign’s CX Automation to grow their stores, we’re focused on offering the best possible ecommerce solution. 

Ecommerce businesses need tools to perform at their best during the holiday season, so we improved our Shopify integration to elevate its functionality. Now, the integration offers a more tailored experience, with more insights designed to guide your team to further growth and success.

Data that matters

Use data from your Shopify store seamlessly within ActiveCampaign to create custom segments that help you take more meaningful actions based on your customers’ needs and preferences.

Our Shopify integration now automatically syncs even more fields from your Shopify store, including:

Phone Number

Phone numbers sync into the standard phone number field within your ActiveCampaign account, so you can easily send automated SMS messages to update customers—or call them if needed. 

Company Name

Company names in Shopify sync into the account field, so you can easily manage all contacts associated with a single business. 

Product SKU

The SKU for each product in an order now syncs into ActiveCampaign, so you can segment by specific SKUs a customer purchases.

Order Receipt

We’ve enhanced the order receipt shown on a contact’s profile page to display more data about the order in an easy-to-read format. See the SKU for each product purchased, the order’s total discount amount (if applicable), and shipping and taxes. 

Tailored tools just for ecommerce

Ecommerce customers benefit from a more tailored experience with ActiveCampaign, which is why we work hard to offer best-in-class tools and support. Here are some new tools designed to give you better insight into purchasing habits and improve the cart recovery process:

Segment by Product SKU

Get an understanding of which customers are purchasing which products. You can now segment contacts by whether or not they used a specific product SKU in an order. 

Link products in abandoned cart email

When you send an automated abandoned cart email, all product names and images will now link to the abandoned cart in your Shopify store, so customers are more likely to complete their checkout.

Prep for Cyber Monday now: Integrate Shopify today

The Shopify integration is available starting on the Plus plan. Log into your ActiveCampaign account and find Shopify in the Apps section to set it up.

Don’t have an ActiveCampaign account yet? Start a free trial here.

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