Integration with SimpleRelevance

Integration with SimpleRelevance

ActiveCampaign always desires to provide a cutting edge platform. With that being said, there is no need to continually reinvent the wheel. That is why we look for other sweet platforms with whom we can integrate with. If you are in anyway involved with e Commerce, this is an integration which I believe has the power to revolutionize portions of your email marketing!

Recently, we started working with SimpleRelevance on building an integration between ActiveCampaign’s email marketing platform and their data driven email generator. Remember the acronym K-I-S-S (keep it simple stupid), this a great example of it in regards to email marketing. In a nutshell, SimpleRelevance takes a massive amount of data about every single your eCommerce customer and sorts through it to provide educated product “suggestions” which are 100% unique to each subscriber in your list. Its the Red Bull version of conditional content, which at the end of the day saves you a TON of time and energy pouring over the loads of data ActiveCampaign provides you in our reporting (Hence K-I-S-S).

SimpleRelevance provides some of the following numbers about improving your email marketing (and overall sales), through use of the service.

  1. 51% Increase in conversion Rates
  2. 21% Increase in Open Rates
  3. 29% Increase in Click Rates

These are impressive increases for anyone in the email marketing world! Who in their right mind would not want improvements like that in their email marketing? Many modern business titans (Amazon, Netflix, etc.) continue to display that the successful use of data can make a business incredibly successful. However, for the small business, this can be a daunting task. That is why SimpleRelevance takes seriously the job of providing data,  analyzing it, and making informed decisions to improve your email marketing/eCommerce from the data. Through the data optimization, they create campaigns which are built specifically with every individual subscriber in mind.

Checkout our full help guide to try it out.

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