Importing Subscribers From External Sources

With Email Marketing 5.2, we worked to make it as easy as possible to obtain contacts from other services, and import as new subscribers.
We’ve configured a handful of external sources that you can connect to, so it’s super easy to retrieve your contacts:
20101206 1
When you select an external source, you will be prompted to fill in some additional details regarding your specific account with the service:
20101206 2
Here is a list of connection information you’ll need for each external source:

  • ActiveCampaign Help Desk: URL, username, and password
  • Salesforce: Username, password, and security token
  • SugarCRM: URL, username, and password
  • Highrise: URL and API token
  • Google Contacts: Username and password
  • Freshbooks: Account name and authentication token
  • Zoho CRM: Username, password, and API key
  • Capsule CRM: URL and API token

Please refer to our help section for further information on how to obtain the required details for each external import source.
Once you connect to the external source, you can continue through the import process as normal, by mapping the fields, and running the import:
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20101206 5
Your external contacts will then be listed as new subscribers!
If you have an external source that you need to connect to, and it’s not listed here, please contact us, and we might be able to help!

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