How to Use Facebook Video Marketing Funnels to Drive Sales for an “Expertise” Based Business

How to Use Facebook Video Marketing Funnels to Drive Sales for an “Expertise” Based Business

This is a contributed post by Richard Quinn of LiveSwitch, an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant.

If you run a business where the core proposition is your expertise, then these funnels can make the difference between a stagnating business and a winning growth strategy.

This article is for you if you sell services based on the expertise of your employees. There are a bunch of businesses that fall under this umbrella.

  • Consultants
  • Dentists
  • Designers
  • Real estate agents
  • Architects
  • Training schools

And many more.

If you have this kind of business and you want leads right now, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to build a funnel where you spend $1 on front-end advertising and get $2 out the back-end, you’ve come to the right place.

And we are going to start at the top. The design of any marketing funnel starts with how you get qualified visitors into your funnel.

So let’s get started.

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Right now, the best way for most businesses to grow fast is to use paid advertising on Facebook. And what’s proven to work on Facebook is video.

The three funnels we’ll be covering are:

  1. Lead magnet + email nurturing funnel
  2. Lead magnet + Messenger nurturing funnel
  3. Webinar in-platform + Facebook nurturing funnel

These three funnels all have the objective of getting sales appointments in your calendar. From there you just need a great sales script, a compelling story, and the skills to close the sale. If you have a different objective that’s fine, the end of the funnel is easy to change.

1. Lead magnet + email nurturing

This is the video variation of the traditional lead magnet funnel. A traditional lead magnet might have been a downloadable Guide, Whitepaper or eBook in pdf format, or even a live Webinar.

But now we swap in a recorded video Masterclass or Webinar – as the lead magnet. What makes the recorded video format so powerful is:

  • It’s much more likely to be consumed on Mobile than a PDF. And 80%+ of your Facebook ad traffic will be mobile.
  • You get more opportunity to seed the Call to Action into a scripted video than in an eBook or Whitepaper. A Masterclass can be more Pitch and less Education.
  • Unlike a live Webinar, this is evergreen content, consumed on the fly and on-demand.

So here’s how it looks in action.
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  1. Facebook video advert – A short video under 1 minute, selling the benefits of why the visitor should watch the FREE 45-minute masterclass.
  2. Squeeze page – A page to capture the contact details (or just email address) of the visitors before they watch the Masterclass.
  3. Masterclass page – A page with an embedded video Masterclass. The video needs to be at least 30 minutes, and establish your authority. At the end of the video, you pitch for a Free Consultation and calendar booking.
  4. Booking page – A page where the visitor can book in their Free Consultation. The easiest way is to send the visitor directly to a page.
  5. Email / Facebook follow up – Use an email sequence and Facebook remarketing to nurture the leads that don’t book an appointment.

What you’ll like about this funnel

You’ll notice a revolutionary difference in how your sales calls are conducted. Your appointees have already sat through 45 minutes of YOU and your stories. There’s a good chance they’re sold on your expertise. Your calls will be shorter and sharper. Your close rate will be higher.

You’ll also like that you capture your Masterclass viewers’ email address.

You can create a nurturing sequence to the Masterclass viewers’ who don’t sign-up.
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You can push the list of video watchers back out to Facebook using ActiveCampaign’s Facebook custom audiences feature. And you can send them tailored follow up messages! Did you miss my Free Consultation offer?

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2. Lead magnet + Messenger nurturing

This funnel is very similar to the one above. The format for Facebook and video can be the same. The key difference is that we don’t capture an email before the visitor watches the Masterclass.

Instead, we get permission to chat with them on Facebook Messenger. You’ll need to use a ChatBot service like ManyChat or Chatfuel to implement the Messenger sequence.

Here’s how it looks:
awxctt4ju image2019 03 07at9.03.40am

  1. Facebook video advert – (same as the first funnel) A short video under 1 minute, selling the benefits of why the visitor should watch the FREE 45-minute masterclass.
  2. Messenger: Request – A simple request in Messenger, to ask if they want to watch the Masterclass. If they respond Yes, they’re opted-in to Messenger communications.
  3. Messenger: Masterclass link – Provide them with the link to the masterclass in Messenger. The link goes to the Masterclass page.
  4. Masterclass page – (same as the first funnel) A page with an embedded video masterclass.
  5. Booking page – (same as the first funnel) A page where the visitor can book in their Free Consultation.
  6. Messenger: Follow up – You don’t have an email at this stage. So any nurturing must be done in Messenger.

What you’ll like about this funnel

The opt-in happens in Messenger. So the visitor doesn’t have to fill out a form. Click and they’re subscribed. It dramatically lowers the barrier to entry. The Messenger bot communications are instantaneous, and you can step in with real human chat communication at any time.

Plus the opt-ins are via Facebook. Real people. If you have time you can view your subscribers’ Facebook profiles. Are you getting the right people to opt-in? Are there high-value whales worth chasing?

There is one major downside to this funnel. You don’t have the visitors’ email so you are not yet able to add them to ActiveCampaign. Lead nurturing must be done in Messenger. And that means you have to comply with the restrictive rules on how and when you can contact people via the Messenger app.

You can ask your Messenger subscribers to also opt-in to email communications – and you can automatically send these opt-ins to an ActiveCampaign sequence. But doing this means putting back up the barriers you just lowered!

The tactics and implementation of a Two-Channel Opt-in are beyond the scope of this article, but I’m planning on addressing the practical side of implementing this in a future article.

3. Webinar IN the platform + Facebook nurturing

This funnel is different. Really different.

It is counterintuitive to most of what you have learned in the past about “lead capture” funnels. In this funnel, there is NO lead capture! Instead, you rely solely on the Facebook platform itself for nurturing the leads.

Here’s how it works:
z2mnvbqr7 image2019 03 07at9.04.20am

  1. Masterclass in the platform – The Facebook advert IS the masterclass. It needs to shorter – 15-30 minutes. And the content approach is different, more educational, less pitch. But at the end of the video, you still pitch for a Free Consultation and calendar booking. The Facebook button goes to the booking page.
  2. Booking page – A page where the visitor can book in their Free Consultation. You won’t want to send visitors directly from a Facebook ad to a page. This booking page needs more content. It needs to reinforce the unique selling propositions in the Masterclass.
  3. Facebook: Follow up – You create specific Facebook remarketing campaigns targeted at the people who viewed the masterclass video on Facebook. For example – show follow up adverts to people who watched at least 25% of the video. Done right, Facebook nurturing can be sequenced in the same way as email.

What you’ll LOVE about this funnel!

This funnel generates substantially more leads…For the same budget!

And you are getting your audience engaged with your content with zero barriers. If they stop scrolling and start listening, then you are halfway to getting them to believe what you have to say.

This funnel is by far the easiest to set up. With the Masterclass video in Facebook, it means there’s no messing around with landing page integration. No need to worry about marketing automation. We can use Facebook’s algorithms to handle all the nurturing.

On the downside, there is no way to generate one-on-one conversations or identify high-value customers. And you’re at the mercy of Facebook.

Which one should you use?

We have used ALL three of these funnels for different clients. We’ve even split-tested all three funnels with the same client. So how do you choose?

Here are some tips on choosing the right funnel:

  • Remember to consider the long-term value of the email contacts or messenger chats you generate – in addition to the leads.
  • Consider the brand value of exposing your audience to your Masterclass content. The last funnel gets your expertise in front of more people, even if you don’t get their contact details.
  • Do you or your team have the capacity to step into Messenger conversations? Or to identify high-value Facebook profiles of prospects?
  • Most importantly, you need to compare the cost and quality of your leads…Is there a noticeable difference in lead quality in your calendar bookings?

Some of these questions can’t be answered until you actually get out there. Once you’ve built the funnel and had visitors through it, you’ll be able to assess it properly.

What if I need help…

I’ve made a full-size PDF copy of the funnel diagrams available for you here.

Also, I’m available if you need a hand! Just get in contact and I’ll be glad to help.

The author is available for a free consultation of your lead acquisition strategy on Facebook. Contact Richard here to speak to him about optimizing your funnels and digital strategy.

Richard Quinn is the co-founder and CEO of LiveSwitch, a performance-based digital consultancy using smart cash flow advertising, killer marketing funnels and conversion optimization to grow businesses.

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