In this article you’ll:

  • Learn how Lori Taylor and The Produce Moms have created over 1 billion healthier lunches
  • See the lead capture and segmentation strategy Lori uses to send targeted follow up to her different audiences
  • Get 3 automations you can import and start using in your business

Lori Taylor left the corporate world to pursue her passion for helping families eat heathy, produce-filled meals. Over the last 5 years, Lori’s work at has helped impact over a billion healthy lunches across the country.

Lori is experiencing the kind of success every small business dreams of. On Pinterest alone, has reached 2.8 million people and her pins get 50,000 views each day. Best of all, that traffic is converting into measurable results— helping her fulfill her mission.

It may surprise you that Lori hasn’t discovered a top-secret marketing strategy and she isn’t doing anything highly advanced or technical. Rather, she’s consistently nailing the fundamentals; she’s creating valuable resources and communicating with her audience.

You can apply the same straightforward strategies in your business to get your message out and make an impact on the world.

Here’s how Lori did it…

Getting the word out

When Lori purchased from her employer in 2015, she put renewed focus on her marketing so she could meet her growth goals and reach as many children as possible.

To educate people on the health benefits of nutritious produce-rich meals, Lori needs to communicate with distinct groups of people:

  • Educators
  • Parents
  • Children
  • School food service personnel
  • Media contacts

This multi-pronged messaging approach allows her to impact meal choices at many levels, amplifying the impact she’s able to make.

The challenge is that each of these groups is interested in vastly different messages. A child or parent is interested in very different information than a morning show producer or someone planning the menu for an elementary school.

Lori doesn’t have time to send personalized communication to each of these groups so she relies heavily on automated messaging to deliver sequences of messages that drip out helpful, valuable information and resources to each of these groups.

Educators are given resources they can use to teach healthy meal preparation.

Parents are given meal-planning tips and recipes.

Children are taught the benefits of produce-filled meals.

School food services are educated on the range of produce options available to them.

Media contacts are given compelling reasons why produce-oriented segments would be of value to their audience.

To deliver the right message to the right person, Lori needs to know which of these bucket they fall into. She’s developed a smart strategy for automatically segmenting her list as she builds it.

Lori offers a variety of downloadable ebooks on her website. Depending on which ebook someone downloads, she can infer who they are and what type of messaging they should receive.

If someone downloads her ebook on “Smarter Lunchrooms” she can infer that they’re involved with school lunch choices. They’re likely a school food service personnel or educator.

If someone downloads her ebook on science experiments, she can infer that they’re probably a teacher or the parent of a child.

If someone downloads her recipe ebooks, she can assume that they’re likely a health-conscious parent searching for nutritious meals.

Getting the right message to the right contact

When someone submits a form to request one of these ebooks, Lori uses an automation workflow that automatically applies a tag that indicates which ebook they downloaded and then places them onto the appropriate list.

This makes it really easy for Lori to send targeted campaigns to exact groups of people she wants to reach in the future. If she’s making an announcement that would be of interest to educators and teachers, she can create a segment out of contacts that have the tags that indicate they’ve downloaded any of the teacher-oriented content.

Use this automation in your business:

This simple automation begins when an ActiveCampaign form is submitted. It applies a tag that indicates which piece of content the contact requested. These tags are useful for segmenting because they indicate the contact’s interests and you can infer a bit about who the contact is. You can leverage this insight to send out more targeted email campaigns in the future.

After applying the tag, this automation adds the contact to the list of your choice.

You can import this automation now and begin using it by clicking the button below, copying the link, and then importing it using the instructions here.
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After the contact is tagged and placed onto the appropriate list, an automation workflow sends an email message that delivers the link to the ebook they requested.

Use this automation in your business:

You can use this automation to deliver your opt-in incentives (a.k.a. lead magnets or downloadable content). Often, it’s best to link to a landing page with instructions on how to download and open the file rather than link directly to it.

You can import this automation now and begin using it by clicking the button below, copying the link, and then importing it using the instructions here.
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At this point, the new contact has been tagged with the content they requested, added to the appropriate list, and they’ve received the content they requested from

Now it’s time for Lori to begin nurturing that contact with appropriate automated messaging. Lori’s automated follow up is a series of messages that gives away additional tips and advice, to further strengthen the relationship, and she educates each contact on the importance of healthier eating options with produce-filled meals. Ultimately, the goal is affecting their meal planning to impact actual meals.

Use this automation in your business:

An automated follow up sequence that has messages targeted to specific groups of contacts will help you appeal to each group separately. If you tried to appeal to everyone at once, you’d water down your message and people are more likely to tune out because only a portion of it is relevant to them.
You can import this automation now and begin using it by clicking the button below, copying the link, and then importing it using the instructions here.
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As you can see, Lori has grown The Produce Moms with straightforward marketing strategies that any business could begin using to reach their audience and make an impact on the world.

Whether you’re a non-profit or a brand new start up, content marketing combined with marketing automation can help you nurture important relationships, grow your brand, and achieve your mission.