An incredible part of raising a child is seeing them grow up right before your eyes. Watching kids discover new things, have new experiences, and see the world of possibilities open up before them are just a few of the many joys of parenting.

As my son has shown me countless times, it’s the small moments that are worth celebrating. Whether it’s the obscure details of a specific Pokémon or creating his own rules to a game, his desire to understand the world around him has taught me so much about how to understand and interact with my own.

When I think back on my son’s journey over the past few years, ActiveCampaign has been an exciting stop on that trail. Now, after celebrating our third Bring Your Kid to Work Day here, it’s clear that our children aren’t the only ones growing up. ActiveCampaign is, too.

My son came to visit me in the office shortly after I was hired, and I can recall all my coworkers being stunned that someone had a child– let alone one that was three.

Three years later, there are more parents joining ActiveCampaign each month. We have open panels at lunch discussing balancing work and life, as well as overcoming and embracing the wonderful chaos of parenthood.

Beyond merely employing a collective of caring parents, ActiveCampaign tirelessly supports its families. This culminates at an annual event that parents and kids alike look forward to.

What started as a few helpful, scrappy employees gathering games and balloons for a handful of youngsters has grown into a full committee putting together a celebration of kids at work for over 50 children. That celebration, an embodiment of work-life chaos, is Bring Your Kid to Work Day.

Seeing our office filled with parents and their children sharing in the fun of the day and making memories is such a heartwarming experience. When I told my son about coming into the office he jumped out of bed because each previous BYKTWD he had an incredible time.

Not only did my son remember many of my coworkers’ children, but also was exuberant to see all my friends who shower him with affection.

It made me proud to watch throughout the day as the entire company came together in different ways to show support to all the children, engaging in fun activities like toy rocket building, charitable dog toy making, and general office furniture scaling.

In a lot of ways, the growth of ActiveCampaign mirrors that of my son. We celebrate the small moments, be that the success of a customer, or working with other departments to discover a solution to an issue.

We have a desire to understand the world around us as we learn and adapt to the challenges of this business, as well as the physical “World” around us as we grow into different countries and cultures. We share the human moments as we build something together for the greater good of the company, our customers, and our families.

The ActiveCampaign family is growing, and I am excited for new parents and future parents to be embraced by this community. I can’t wait to see what the team brings to the next Bring Your Kids to Work Day.

Whatever it is, I know that Dennis, Pokémon Scientist, will love it.