How can you get people to understand your story?

Video is powerful, and becoming more and more important:

Through her team at Fresh Level, Parchelle makes video content that helps people promote their businesses and tell their stories.

Marketing videos. Explainers. About videos of the company story. Customer testimonials. Video is an engaging way to tell a story. As Parchelle says, “People reach out to us because they want to better explain what they do and who they are.”

But it didn’t start that way.

“I was a high school math teacher for 7 years. But since middle school I was always interested in making things on the computer. We had to hand out these flyers for church, and I was annoyed by how they looked. That’s when I started getting into making flyers on the computer. And it kind of built from there.

It wasn’t until I started working full time that someone asked ‘how much would you charge to do that for me.’ It was like a lightbulb went off – I had no idea or thoughts about business before that.”

At the time, she wasn’t ready to strike out on her own. But she started learning:

  • She started taking production classes on the side
  • She took on internships for producing corporate videos
  • She started running things on her own, lugging equipment and directing shoots solo
  • As she learned more, she left her job to work on Fresh Level full time – and she started hiring

Today, 8 years later, Parchelle has a built core team and rotating group of high-quality freelancers to help grow her business.

She has clients in all kinds of industries. She and her team manage every step of the production process, from creative and pre-production to post-production and video promotion.

She also has ActiveCampaign.

How Parchelle uses ActiveCampaign to help people tell their stories

“More people are able to know and understand the story of who we are, because we’ve been able to integrate video using ActiveCampaign.”

If you’re a video production company, every prospective client is going to want to start by watching your videos.

Parchelle goes a step farther.

A portfolio is useful, and samples of high-quality video are convincing. But what if video could be a part of every step of the journey from prospect to customer?

Prospective clients can schedule a consultation with Parchelle via Calendly.
Scheduling a meetings using Calendly

Calendly lets people choose a time that works for both them and Parchelle, to cut down the back and forth of email. It also integrates with ActiveCampaign, which lets Parchelle automate her follow-up.

The Calendly + ActiveCampaign integration lets Parchelle automatically follow up with people after they schedule a meeting.

But even before she sends a single email, she starts using video – on her confirmation page.

Parchelle adds a confirmation video to her confirmation page

A short video (you can watch it here) lets Parchelle thank people for scheduling a time. It also adds the personal touch that’s missing from a generic confirmation page.

This is a great example of a “gap” that a technology stack can help fill. Instead of sending people to a generic landing page, Parchelle takes the opportunity to showcase her personality – and invite people to sign up for a private Facebook group.

By setting up this confirmation page once (which everyone who schedules a meeting will see), Parchelle can add a personal touch that would be way too time consuming otherwise.

And she builds on it by sending a welcome sequence to new clients and partners.

A welcome email series is one of the fastest wins in email automation. People who just signed up for your list are likely to open your emails.

Parchelle gets even more value out of her welcome series by using video:

  • New clients and partners get a short email welcome series
  • Parchelle uses ActiveCampaign to embed videos with info about Fresh Level
  • Video helps Parchelle tell her story and increase engagement – and because her product is video, it also helps her showcase some of her team’s work

Automation + video helps Parchelle add a personal touch to her client onboarding.

How business has grown to reach more customers

“In some cases I haven’t even been on set”

Parchelle is a people person. One of her favorite parts of running a business was building client relationships and talking with people on set.

But as a one-person show, there wasn’t always time for her to focus on that side of the business.

Hiring a team has let her:

  • Build up her marketing and onboarding to better tell Fresh Level’s story
  • Spend time talking to clients while her team sets up – which brings the personality of the video to the shoots
  • Take a step back from day-to-day shooting to focus on other areas of the business
  • Create new products and service offerings

Most recently, Parchelle has expanded to filming video shoots – remotely. If clients have an iPhone or Android, Fresh Level can send you some simple equipment and actually direct the entire video shoot remotely.

That kind of new product offering helps Parchelle reach more people (by cutting out travel time). It also helps her bring high-quality video services to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it.

“It’s all about showing the personality. I’m a people person, and relationships matter to me. I never really enjoyed sending or receiving blanket, templated emails.”

Personality is key to Parchelle’s business. ActiveCampaign makes it easier to showcase her personality – and grow.