Enhancing our Automations Map

Automations are powerful. When used properly, they enable one person to do the work of many. However, getting the most out of your automations is no easy task. You might have tons of them, and figuring out how they all interact with each other can be a challenge.
That is why we’re continuing to iterate our Automations Map, the first of its kind visualization tool that lets users view how all of their automations interact with each other through actions and triggers.
In our beta release, the map only showed automations that were connected by directly starting or stopping another automation. Now with the enhanced Automations Map, your map will show you automations that are connected via tags, custom fields, deals, goals, and more.
The new map provides users a more holistic view of users’ automations and business processes. When you can see the whole map you get the full picture of how automations impact your business.
Imagine driving across the country with a map that’s been put through the shredder and only being able to look at one shred at a time. You’ll have no idea how taking one turn will affect you 20 miles down the road. With the Automations Map, it’s like being able to see the intact map of the country. You’ll see the entire landscape of your business and better understand how one action in an automation impacts your business as a whole.
lojidiwfs screenshot 1
With the map, you’ll have a better understanding of how your automations work together, resulting in less time spent fiddling around in the platform and more time on other areas of your business.

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