Build Real-Time, Interactive Dashboards With ActiveCampaign & Find My Insight

Build Real-Time, Interactive Dashboards With ActiveCampaign & Find My Insight

This post was contributed by Scott Elliott of Find My Insight.

Data is valuable for creating next-level customer experiences. However, the question is how best to harness data in one place to improve your contact and campaign management.

Find My Insight is the only Google Partner that offers a connector that integrates all ActiveCampaign data into Google Data Studio. Your business can streamline all its critical data in a single spot for easy viewing.

Why Find My Insight?

It’s frustrating logging into multiple platforms to find all your key business and marketing data. Best practice is to have a single view of all these functions. This way, you can easily identify revenue and growth opportunities and remove unprofitable products and processes.

The latest reporting tools allow you to present all of your key success measures via interactive, real-time dashboards that require minimal maintenance and sharing capabilities.

Your business needs to make data-driven decisions to quickly reallocate resources to meet changing customer requirements and business trading conditions. Timely and accurate insight allow you to understand the customer journey and adjust your sales and marketing budgets.

With the Find My Insight Data Studio connector, you can simplify and improve decision making for marketers when you integrate with ActiveCampaign.

You can develop a deep understanding of your contacts, campaigns, deals, and automations. Our customers have become more data-driven and make better investment decisions based on data. Plus, it automates the entire reporting process—saving valuable time.

“You can see in an instant the campaigns that were sent and their open rates. I think that’s pretty awesome,” says Hal Zeitlin, Chief Marketing Officer at Braini.

How Find My Insight & ActiveCampaign Work Together

Braini used the Find My Insight connector to integrate ActiveCampaign with Google Data Studio to produce a fully customizable dashboard for a not-for-profit client. The dashboard presents key metrics in a visually appealing, easy-to-understand format. It allowed the client to gain a deeper understanding of their customer base and make investment decisions.

Using the Data Studio connector also allowed them to quickly investigate and iterate to find more meaningful insight and present to stakeholders. Report users can easily interact and compare data within the dashboards.

Some of the key metrics Braini provides for their client include sends, opens, clicks, and click-through rates. The team can see analytics for specific emails, whether their automations or single broadcasts. Plus, the dashboard includes link click performance to understand which content is best performing.

The Data Studio connector offers tags for prototyping software development. Braini uses tags in ActiveCampaign with the client’s custom volunteer portal. This is important as it influences the emails people get and permissions they have in the portal.

How to Use Find My Insight & ActiveCampaign

With ActiveCampaign and the Find My Insight integration, you can easily create reports using Google Data Studio. These reports require zero maintenance and are updated automatically every 12 hours. No more waiting for the analyst to prepare the reports. Build your report once and quickly find the insights.

Easy-to-Understand Data

Rely on a single tool to track all your key metrics and present easy-to-understand actionable insights visually, in real-time. Go beyond having just one metric in one location and skipping between each report or platform.

email marketing dashboard


You no longer have to rely on Excel spreadsheets and copying, pasting, and importing CSV files. Save hours of time every month.

email marketing dashboard

Single View of Data

Get real-time insights on key email metrics like sends, opens, and CTRs in a single dashboard in Google Data Studio. Also, you can track detailed website statistics and easily provide opportunities to understand attribution.

email marketing dashboard

Customized Reporting

Create custom reports from scratch, and go beyond the out-of-the-box ActiveCampaign reporting. Build dashboards that can help you track deals and pipelines and identify which campaigns and content are driving activity.

email marketing dashboard

Simplify Your Data for More Insights

The ActiveCampaign and Find My Insight integration eliminates the need to log into multiple platforms to find all your key business metrics. You get a single view of your ActiveCampaign metrics in Google Data Studio.

Get a comprehensive, zero maintenance dashboard that centralizes your data and lets you make data-driven decisions every day. Simplify your reporting with a free 14-day trial of Find My Insight and Google Data Studio.

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