Streamline Your Email Design Workflow With ActiveCampaign & BEE Pro

Streamline Your Email Design Workflow With ActiveCampaign & BEE Pro

This post was contributed by Sophia Shalabi of BEE.

BEE Pro and ActiveCampaign have come together to streamline your workflow. With BEE Pro’s intuitive design tools and ActiveCampaign’s seamless automation services, this time-saving partnership creates the perfect customer experience for email marketing growth.

Why BEE Pro?

BEE Pro is the best no-code design tool that empowers everyone to create beautiful emails and landing pages in minutes. Enhance your email and landing page design with intuitive drag-and-drop functionalities, personalized brand kits, mobile design mode, co-editing and other time-saving features.

ActiveCampaign activates your entire customer experience by automating a welcome series, contact engagement and more. Help your business grow by refining your email list, managing campaigns, and tracking analytics and more.

“Being able to design in BEE Pro and export to ActiveCampaign has turned out to be the perfect partnership for our needs,” says Joel Steele, Chief Experience Officer at CarStickers.

Combined, BEE Pro and ActiveCampaign provide a smooth design and exporting process to get your email campaigns out faster without sacrificing quality. It’s the best of both worlds with endless design capabilities and simple automation services. Users don’t have to worry about migrating their email lists from one platform to the next, the direct integration in BEE Pro does that leg work for you to enhance your experience.

Why use ActiveCampaign With BEE Pro?

The ActiveCampaign integration in BEE Pro lets you connect your accounts with a click of a button. Choose from hundreds of customizable email templates, and when you’re ready to export, activate BEE Pro’s ActiveCampaign connector to instantly push BEE Pro emails over to ActiveCampaign.

To fully enjoy the integration, you’ll need a BEE Pro Team or Agency subscription and an ActiveCampaign Lite plan. Both services offer free trials to test out their offerings. Also, with a BEE Pro Agency plan, you are able to connect more than one ActiveCampaign account at a time, so your teammates can gain access to this game-changing partnership as well.

Reaping the Benefits

Companies across several industries have been leveraging the benefits of both platforms to grow their business. WonderDads uses BEE Pro to design its membership welcome series and use ActiveCampaign to select who receives specific communication and how those emails perform with their memberbase.

Sticker manufacturer CarStickers uses BEE Pro in a similar way to design personalized emails for online purchase thank you emails, and investment organizations like Infusion Investments uses BEE Pro to create branded emails for new investment customers to securely confirm their email address.

The combination of a full-feature, no-code design tool for email and landing pages with ActiveCampaign for automation creates a workflow where brand control and outbound communications can be managed seamlessly.

How to Connect BEE Pro and ActiveCampaign

Let’s take a look at how to connect your accounts to enjoy the benefits of both platforms. Watch the video here.

Exporting your BEE Pro emails to ActiveCampaign is quick and easy. Here are two easy steps on how to connect both systems:

Step 1: Export your email

When you finish editing your email in BEE Pro, click “Export Message,” and choose “Export to Another Application” in the pop up.

email design workflow
Then an “Export Option” pop-up will appear. Here you will click on the ActiveCampaign connector.

email design workflow
From there, an additional pop up will arrive, asking for your API URL and Key.

email design workflow

Step 2: Retrieve your ActiveCampaign API

Find your ActiveCampaign API URL and key by heading to your ActiveCampaign dashboard. Click “Settings” on the left sidebar. Then, choose “Developer” in the dropdown menu.

email design workflow
This page provides your API URL and your API key. Copy and paste the ActiveCampaign API URL and key into the respective boxes on the BEE Pro connector pop-up. Then, click “Create,” to automatically push your email to ActiveCampaign.

email design workflow
You will find the emails you push over from BEE Pro in your ActiveCampaign “Templates” section.

email design workflow
Another way you can connect BEE Pro and ActiveCampaign is through the “Settings” option that you can find on your BEE Pro dashboard. Click on “Settings” and then “Connectors.” ActiveCampaign will appear as the first connector on this list.

email design workflow
Click “Connect,” and that same box will appear asking for your API URL and key.

email design workflow
Again, retrieve the URL and key from ActiveCampaign, and paste them into their respective fields. Finalize by clicking “Connect” and you’re good to go.

Save Time While Enhancing the Customer Experience

Using automation tools such as ActiveCampaign and BEE Pro is a smart move for marketers. It will help you save valuable time and money as you work to promote your business. Get a BEE Pro free trial and connect with the ActiveCampaign integration for a more efficient email marketing workflow.

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