DreamTX 2020: Dreamforce By Any Other Name, Just Isn’t Quite The Same

DreamTX 2020: Dreamforce By Any Other Name, Just Isn’t Quite The Same

I don’t need to tell you that this year has been a very different year. We all know that. We all have done our best to simply survive 2020. And now that it’s finally January, let me point out that the year is 2021, that’s Twenty-Twenty-One, and not Twenty-Twenty won. 2020 did not win. We all won. Congratulations!

Early in 2020, we were all looking forward to Dreamforce. The massive Salesforce conference that draws well over one hundred thousand people to San Francisco for the better part of a week. The immense crowds take over the city, its hotels and restaurants, and more. And for the Salesforce customer, partner and employee, this one week packs together amazing and inspirational keynotes, great breakout sessions and lots of networking opportunities. It’s the must attend event of the year for many in the Salesforce ecosystem.

And then the COVID-19 global pandemic took over. Schools had to quickly pivot to online learning. Restaurants became carry out and delivery only. Essential services like retail and grocery had to adopt new ways of doing business with limited hours to allow for nightly cleaning and sanitization. Some stores even adopted one-way aisles to help keep people socially distanced while shopping. Worse yet, borders closed and travel for business and pleasure all but stopped.

For those of us in the Salesforce ecosystem, we still wondered what would become of Dreamforce 2020. There was little to no hope that a vaccine would be developed, approved and widely distributed prior to Dreamforce. And most of us couldn’t envision what a virtual Dreamforce would look like.

Salesforce had a plan

Dreamforce to You 2020, became the “new” Dreamforce. And why not? It sounds personalized, like any good customer experience should be. Dreamforce to You 2020 started out much like any other Dreamforce, with a keynote address from Salesforce Chairman and CEO, Marc Benioff.

Only this time, it wasn’t inside Moscone Center in front of thousands. It was from Salesforce Park, appropriately decked out in holiday decor, and streaming live in front of hundreds of thousands across the globe. Benioff thanked Salesforce customers and partners for all they accomplished during the year, and highlighted the latest Salesforce quarterly results, emphasizing that in a year of unprecedented disruption, the company stood by its core values and blazed new trails—“Doing right and doing good is what is driving our culture forward,” said Benioff. 

Extraordinary times, extraordinary acquisition

During the keynote, Benioff welcomed Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield to the stage. The two discussed how the Salesforce acquisition of Slack and how the combination of the two could become the new operating system for the future of work, in an all digital, remote world.

Extraordinary times, extraordinary architecture

During the keynote, Hyperforce was announced as the latest addition to the Salesforce family. Hyperforce is a complete re-architecture of Salesforce, designed to deliver an even more powerful and scalable platform while taking advantage of the agility of public cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.

Hyperforce provides performance at B2B and B2C scale, is built on the same Trust tenant as Salesforce, is backwards compatible with every Salesforce app, customization and integration, and allows customers around the world to choose to store their data in a particular location to support compliance with regulations specific to their company, industry, and country/region.

Customers first, as always

One thing that remained constant, from Dreamforce past, is the focus on the customer. Benioff shared stories of how some prominent Salesforce customers were able to innovate during this unique year. The State of Rhode Island leveraged the intelligence and automation that only Salesforce could bring, to protect the health of its population as COVID-19 raged on. 

Learn more about Dreamforce here.

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